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View Full Version : Interview with MoDaCo's Paul O'Brien

Jason Dunn
03-10-2004, 10:00 PM
<div class='os_post_top_link'><a href='http://www.msmobilenews.com/?cid=373' target='_blank'>http://www.msmobilenews.com/?cid=373</a><br /><br /></div>MS Mobile News has published a detailed review with Paul O'Brien from MoDaCo. Here's a sample Q&A from the interview:<br /><br /><b>MSMobileNews.com:</b> "What where your first impressions of the smartphone? Most people I have spoken to had very low opinions of it until they used it, and now they all have a smartphone..."<br /><br /><b>MoDaCo: </b>"My first impressions of the Smartphone were good, I loved it, but I was also pretty annoyed at the whole 'signing' thing. I bought the original SPV pretty much as soon as it came out, based on the fact that as a software developer, I wanted to be able to write code and run it on the phone. Upon learning I couldn't, I looked for somewhere online to have a rant, and couldn't find anywhere... and MoDaCo was born ;-) Of course, when the E100 came out I realised how great it would have been if that had been the first Smartphone, and when the 1.61 update came out, ditto, but hey...!"