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View Full Version : Windows Mobile Bloggers

Robert Levy
02-05-2004, 07:10 PM
<div class='os_post_top_link'><a href='http://winmoblogs.net' target='_blank'>http://winmoblogs.net</a><br /><br /></div>I'm pleased to announce the launch of Windows Mobile Bloggers (Winmoblogs.net): <i>"The idea behind Windows Mobile Bloggers is to connect all interested in the Microsoft Mobile DevCon 2004 occurring in San Francisco, California from March 23 to March 27. The Microsoft Mobile DevCon will cover the latest platform advances for mobile technologies including Windows Mobile-based Pocket PCs and Smartphones, .NET Compact Framework, SQL Server CE, ASP.NET, and MapPoint Location Server."</i><br /><br />The site provides two key things: 1) a <a href="http://winmoblogs.net/MDC2004/Bloggers.category">database of links</a> to the blogs run by individuals interested who will be at MDC (including staff and speakers) and 2) an <a href="http://winmoblogs.net/Feed.aspx">aggregated view</a> the things all of these people post to their individual blogs. The signal to noise ratio on the aggregated feed is kept very high because the site owners manually sift through everything to hide the noise (like people talking about their dog) and promote the good stuff.<br /><br />It is interesting to note that this site is not run by Microsoft or even Microsoft employees, but they do have the companies support and encouragement. For example, some of the MDC marketing material I've seen points people to the site. Additionally, nobody from Microsoft is being required to participate in this but many have volunteered to do so in their free time as a way of becoming more engaged with the community. This is a great effort and I hope to see it continue to be active long past the end of MDC 2004.<br /><br />Here's your chance to get a behind the scenes look at what it takes to put together a big show like MDC. So head on over and check it out. Some interesting posts to get you started: <a href="http://winmoblogs.net/MDC2004/1417.item">James Pratt</a> talks about getting speakers ready and asks what sessions you want to see, <a href="http://winmoblogs.net/Extras/1410.item">Kevin Lisota</a> makes us wonder which super hero he will dress up as this time, and <a href="http://headblender.com/joe/blog/archives/microsoft/001314.html">Joe Bork</a> tells us about getting Whidbey into shape so it can be given out people at the conference and ready for beta.