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View Full Version : ANN: SmartAttach, by the creators of PocketTV

The PocketTV Team
12-13-2003, 02:46 AM
AttachSmart is a new nifty little utility that you can use to email documents (e.g. photos) as attachments. You can also use it to view/check the documents (it will start the appropriate viewer based on the document type), and do simple file management. By the creators of PocketTV (http://www.pockettv.com).

It's a "must have" since there is no "Attach file" command in the Smartphone Inbox!

You can download a BETA version of AttachSmart from:


Please try it and give us feedback (e.g. suggestions, complaints, etc).


PS: We changed the name to AttachSmart after learning that SmartAttach is a trademark from Proxim...