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View Full Version : wi-fi for smartphone

Santa Fe
12-04-2003, 10:24 PM
Wi-Fi drivers for Smartphone underways
By: Jørgen Sundgot, Thursday 4th December 2003, 10:30 GMT

According to a spokesperson for SyChip, the company which delivers the chipset powering both the Socket Communications Wireless LAN SDIO Card and the SanDisk SD Wi-Fi Card, the company is now in the process of developing drivers for Windows Mobile powered smartphones. Currently in beta, drivers are under development for both Smartphone 2002 and Windows Mobile 2003 for smartphone, and are planned for release in the first half of 2004.

SyChip said the development process was proving somewhat challenging as the the user interface of the two versions of Microsoft's Smartphone platform does not currently support wireless connectivity, and that the company as a result had to develop its own UI based on button based input.

Users of devices powered by Palm OS and Symbian OS also have something to look forward to, as SyChip said the company is also working on solutions for these platforms, quite possibly rendering the manufacturer the first to offer SDIO Wi-Fi functionality on these platforms as it did for the Pocket PC platform. http://www.infosyncworld.com/news/n/4371.html