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View Full Version : So can I toss out my Pocket PC?

11-27-2003, 08:17 AM
It's a Toshiba e310. It's left me in the lurch several times. It's been in for repair twice, and out of service for months while I "discussed" things with Toshiba. Now it's old and slow and out of warranty. And it's acting up again.

Fedex sez my i600 gets here on Friday. The i600 has the same memory and processor speed as my e310, and (like the e310) has only an SD slot.

Just curious -- will I have any use for the e310 once the i600 gets here? I don't play many games on the Toshiba, but I used it to read a lot of MS ebooks. If I can get an ebook reader for the i600 maybe I won't even need the e310 any longer.

So probably I'm missing something or maybe I'm under-utilizing the PDA. Please let me know your thoughts on whether the i600 can completely replace both my current phone and the e310.



Jason Dunn
11-27-2003, 09:04 PM
Part of this depends on how much data entry/editing you did on your Pocket PC. Smartphones aren't very good at that sort of thing, but they're good for viewing. I've personally found that I need to have both my Smarpthone and Pocket PC. The easy way to find out here is for you to use your i600 for a week and see if you ever wished you had your Pocket PC. ;-)