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View Full Version : eDB The New Data Store For Windows Mobile

David McNamee
10-29-2003, 07:00 AM
Many people have questioned the lack of .NET Compact Framework support for native CEDB. I believe we found part of the answer today at the Professional Developers Conference. CEDB is going away. The next generation of Windows Mobile Smartphones and Pocket PCs will have a new, improved native database named eDB. There are a number of new features that are sure to make developers happy:
ACID transactions will be supported. This will help developers ensure data integrity and allow for rolling back failed data updates
Performance over large result sets will be significantly improved
Larger databases will be supported
Databases can support having more indexes built on them
File-level password encryption to secure the data files

This new data store will also be replacing the native PIM data store. The API will be very similar to the one currently available for CEDB, but it will not be completely compatible