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View Full Version : Unified Notifications Services

Robert Levy
10-29-2003, 03:00 AM
In the next generation of Windows Mobile devices, developers will be able to receive notifications via window messages, CE message queues, application activations, and .NET event delegates. There will be a unified set of notifications for networking state, SM S, email, synchronization state, telephony events, device state, and event 3rd party events. This is a huge step forward from the current system where there are different notification models for different components and the notifications that .NET developers are unable to hook into nearly all of these models. This advancement will allow developers to easily build apps that are more tightly integrated with each other and that automatically adjust to changes in the device’s state and environment such as battery power and connectivity. Microsoft has heard customers constantly asking for devices that are more context sensitive and developers will be able to fulfill this desire in the next generation of Windows Mobile.