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View Full Version : hi everyone =) i have a question about the miO 8380

09-02-2003, 11:09 AM
hi everyone,

i am sort of new at the whole MS smart phone bit... i just heard about it .. oh say about 2 months ago.. and i've been addicted ever since!! as an avid mobile phone enthusiast.. i feel that i have been close minded in the world of smartphones.. (where have they been?) are they just not popular where i am? or have i been indeliberately ignoring them? ... well... i do have tons of questions..i have been reading through the forums trying to find out about what the smartphones can do.. (especiallay the mitac 8380).. some of the things you discuss is jibberish to me..(terms i've never heard before)... but i am interested in learning.. i hear that the smartphones can play wma, mpeg files.. comes w/ a flash media card.. and all the goods tuff.. .but i am curious.. how much customizing can you do to it? understand my world has been filled w/ nothing but nokias, sanyo's, panasonic and other similar phones.. (no smart phones)... so do tell what a smart phone is capable of.. i know they can sync up to your pc via USB... w/ outlook and stuff like that.. but thats all i basically know...


on the hunt for my MiO 8380


09-07-2003, 11:17 PM
Smartphones are wonderful - You can customise the homescreen to whatever you like - its a simple xml page.

It does full internet, MSN messenger, Windows media player for wmas, wmvs, mp3s etc. For Divx's and mpegs there are programs to run these.
The excellent calender syncs with outlook on your PC, as do your contacts, tasks and emails (if you want).

If you like games (like me) then you wont be disappointed - some of the smartphone games will blow away all memory of the rubbishy java offerings nokia users are suckered into accepting.

I've never looked back!

09-08-2003, 03:11 AM
I agree with Gorskar 100%.
One you use a smartphone...you'll never go back to another phone.
Think of it as a phone on steroids or a phone that MS has crammed as much PPC functionality into as they could give the phone form-factor limitations....and that's not many.

There is a ton of software out there and more coming everyday. Many of the same PPC favorites that you may be used to.

Some benefits are:
-Excellent PIM functionality with seamless synchronization to Outlook.
-Customizable homescreen
-Play MP3s
-Watch full length movies ripped from DVD (with a SD card of at least 128MB...but you can go up to 512MB)
-Send & Receive POP3 or IMAP email...SMS & MMS messages
-Browse the real internet...not the funky slow WAP pages. (Though screen size limits many FULL websites...there are 100's made to fit on the smaller screens like PPCs and Smartphones.)
-Take Picture...Record Movies with phones like the Mitac or SPVs with camera attachment...and email those pictures/movies to anyone in the world right after you take them.
-GAMES & PROGRAMS that make other phone software look sick...with more on the way everyday!
-Oh yeah...it's a cool phone too!