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View Full Version : Jason You Are Killing Me!

08-21-2003, 02:28 PM
Great site - I love it - but you are killing me! Every time I post here your site times out, I have to sign in again and retype my message. I always forget this and always have to retype. Also, I tend to catch mistakes after I post so I would like to see a few more minutes and multiple edit accesses before the edit time-stamp appears. PLEASE help us out on this - there have been long posts I got so ticked about, I just left without reposting. Other than that - I have learned a TON of stuff here about hardware and terminology!

08-21-2003, 04:08 PM
If you're having trouble staying logged in you may want to try to clear your cookie cache. Some visitors have found that by clearing the cookies it adds a newer and more stable cookie. Make sure you have your other logins written down because you may have to sign into other sites that use cookies to perserve logins.

Also you can preview any post before you finalize it. To the left of the submit button is a preview button. Click that before you post and you can preview what you will post. If it satisfies you then click submit, or modify the text and preview again.

You can also edit the post after it has been submitted and I don't believe it is time sensitive. After it is posted, there is a link in the message header that says "Edit Post" you can modify that at anytime, but you cannot delete a post after someone else has made a follow-up post.

Hope this helps.