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View Full Version : Bugs/Problems that I have with my Red - E

Kris Kumar
08-18-2003, 04:05 PM
I reported the following to the Everlink folks...and posting it here. If u guys havent run into these issues, please let me know, I may have to setup an appointment with a shrink :-)

1. With Firmware Build 1055 : Noticed that the Voice quality is choppy. Even when the signal strength is good, the voice quality is at times is choppy, for most parts it’s the outgoing voice which is choppy. The previous build didn’t exhibit this problem.

2. Data Connection: At times when the Data Connection cannot be made (lets says I am in a poor signal strength zone), and it shows the error page, titled “Connection Error” saying “Unable to connect. Verify you have network coverage and try again”. When this happens 9 out of 10 times, I have to Shutdown and Restart the phone, in spite of me having moved out of poor signal to an area with good signal. Without doing that, the phone is never able to establish the Data connection.

3. Attempts to Sync Email during Voice Call. Lets say I am in the middle of a voice call, The phone should not try to attempt a Data Connection to sync email. I have set the phone to sync mail every hour. And I have noticed that it tries to connect while I am in the middle of a phone call..fails and then shows a message box saying…”unable to connect”.

4. When the phone is connected via the USB cable to the PC and the PC is restarted (shutdown – power up). The PC reboot hangs phone. It seems during the power up when the PC tries to interrogate the plug n play related info or some exchange (between PC and Phone) during power up, causes the phone to hang. I have seen this with older firmware builds also.

5. Audio Channels Alternate : I made a headset adapter for myself, From the 4 Conductor Mini Plug to Standard Stereo headset. What I found when running audio test file was that. Everytime Windows Media player session was closed and restarted. The Left and Right Audio Channels alternate. Lets say I play a test file, with individual left and right tracks, first time I play it, left is left, right is right. Now I close the Windows Media Player (terminate the windows media process). And restart it, now the left track plays on right speaker, and right on left. Tried this with Mp3 (media player) and WAV (wav player). Both show the same behaviour. Its easy to test with a Wav file. Coz with WAV file, u can close the WAV Player app using the Menu->Cancel option. And then restart the WAV player by selecting the WAV file in File Explorer.

Kris Kumar
10-23-2003, 04:31 PM
Want to add another annoying one...Wonder if it is common across other Smartphones or if it is a problem in only Red-E phones.

6. In the middle of the Voice Call, the Email client will try to run the scheduled New Email check :-) And at times if the signal strength is weak, I am knocked off my voice call. The phone OS/Email Client should not allows the Data Call to take place in the middle of a voice call. It should check to see if line is in use or not.