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View Full Version : SP 2002 vs SP 2003

07-25-2003, 05:27 PM
Nothing is known about the next version of the Smartphone OS, save a few details like it will include the .Net CF, and I venture to guess it will use the newer kernel either WinCE 4.1, or 4.2. I'm curious to know how many readers are planning on holding out until more concrete details are released about the next iteration of the phone OS, versus taking the plunge right now, and getting dirty with the bleeding edge of the Smartphone technology?

The biggest factor that affecting my own decision is the inevitable delay to release. If we look at the timeline, Stinger was announced back 2001. The first Smartphone hit the market at the end of 2002, with a rather limited release in Europe, but it has slowly gained ground in many markets across the globe since then. Still these devices are not available for mass consumption in North America, due to a number of factors - I would venture FCC testing, carrier testing and the difficulties integrating these powerful devices with massive data crunching power into networks that are barely capable of supplying data services on a large scale. Following current trends, I would conjecture that with an announcement of Windows Mobile 2003 Phone probably coming out in the Autumn, we will once again see the same foot dragging by American carriers. It almost seems that the rapid improvement of the Smartphone OS will outstrip the carriers' ability release a stable, network integrated device. Of course there will always be the option to purchase a Smartphone from independant providers, like Arne's i-Mate Smartphone, but until the US carriers feel comfortable with losing a bit of control over the devices we will see limited acceptance of the Smartphone platform.

That said I do not have a crystal ball that allows me to see into the minds of US carriers, and everything I mentioned is conjecture. I wanted to air my current frustrations of the platform acceptance. As Jason once said to me on PPCT - "good things come to those who wait," so I will be patient. That said I would like to hear others thoughts on the matter, and have their impressions of the state of the platform. I like what I see, but it is at a snail's pace.

07-25-2003, 05:52 PM
As Jason once said to me on PPCT - "good things come to those who wait," so I will be patient.

I generally subscribe to this philosophy. My only problem with that statement where technology is concerned is that if I have to wait for months or years before I can FINALLY get my hands on what I want, I will have lost the ability to do what I want for that same period of time. There will ALWAYS be something better coming out soon after you take the plunge and buy into a gadget or tech-toy. That is the omnipresent techno-geek dilemma - "Should I wait for the NEXT BEST THING?!" I'd rather be able to use something that does most of what I want instead of wait in limbo for a year! :evil:

David McNamee
07-25-2003, 06:34 PM
I understand where you're coming from. I'm anxious to get hold of the new OS for both personal and professional reasons. I've promised myself that I won't let my anxiousness turn to frustration until after the Professional Developer Conference in October. There's a whole raft of things that will be made public in the PDC timeframe. I'm hoping that an RTM announcement of the next OS version is there, too.