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View Full Version : Software for uploading digicam photos

07-18-2003, 04:43 PM
I've noticed that an increasing number of digital cameras use SD cards. This got me thinking...

Is there any Smartphone software designed to work with megapixel photos from digicams?

What I would like is something that would let me open megapixel photos from the SD card, scale them down to a smaller size (and maybe crop or rotate) and then upload them to the web, all from within one app. Doesn't have to be anything fancy.

For the upload, support for both FTP and HTTP would be ideal. For HTTP, Nokia (I know, I know...) actually has a nice, simple protocol for doing exactly this. It's the one implemented in their Series 60 phones like the 3650. Maybe I'm dreaming, but it would be great if there was one protocol that web developers could implement that would allow all smartphone users (both platforms) to easily upload photos to web albums and/or photo-blogs.

The interesting thing is - the protocol is only partially implemented in current Nokia phones. The 3650 only does the most basic one-way upload as required by the protocol. The full specs allow you to upload titles and comments with photos (think moblogging), and also view thumbnails galleries at various sizes and download photos. Wouldn't that be something if the best implementation of Nokia's protocol was on the competing platform? :)