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View Full Version : Dell Latitude ST Slate (Windows)

Sven Johannsen
11-08-2011, 04:17 PM
I realize it is not near as sexy as yet another 'Roid tablet, or an e-reader wishing it were one, or even a price drop on an existing eReader, but there is a new Windows Slate in town from Dell.

AFAIK this is the first time Dell has entered into the slate space. Shame they didn't wait for Windows 8, as it will be hampered by the same asessments that all Windows based tablets that have come before it...windows doesn't work on a tablet, if you see a stylus they got it wrong, it's too expensive...it's not an iPad.

Well yea, it's not an iPad, it is much more like an OSX tablet...if there were one. In any case, if you have a reguirement for portability, and some actual productivity at times, take a look. I would be damned surprised if this wasn't slated (pun intended) to be upgradeable to Windows 8, which makes the pad side of a windows tablet much more pleasant. Jut hope the inevitable lack luster reviews won't put Dell off making tablets all together. This thing with Win8 would be very respectable.

(I have an HP Slate 500. Perfectly usable device, very portable and has more features/capability than an equivalently priced iPad, or any android tablet, even before I put Win8 preview on it. You actually do get something for the added cost.)