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View Full Version : SMART Communications releases V1.5.0.28 ROM for HTC Tanager

07-11-2003, 02:34 PM
Yes, this is the lates ROM version. So all of you with SMART Amazing Phones aka HTC Tanager, who are using the SMART Network, you can upgrade to the new version available from the SMART Communications Website.

The new ROM improves the speed of the menus, as well as the overall performance.

It fixes the bug - missing first character when receiveing a long SMS from a Nokia phone.

It has a faster refreshing IA Camera Software

It has an updated Acrion Engine set of apps, Aciton Backup, and Action Update

It has fixed the STK (or SAT as some prefer it to be called) bug.

But here is one big Gotcha!

If you are using the Tanager on another network other than that of SMART Communications of the Philippines, skip this update... this update has a revised SIM Lock that will lock your unit to the Philippine Network and will render it useless outside the Philippines or on any other GSM network in the Philippines.

Mabuhay! ~ Carlo