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View Full Version : Have you tried the new podcast support in Mango?

Philip Colmer
09-29-2011, 08:09 AM
One of the new features in Mango that I was looking forward to was integrated support for downloading podcasts. Now, I realise that the functionality to download podcasts from the Marketplace is (currently) limited to US customers only (not sure why but, hey, MS have their own way of doing things) but you can subscribe to a podcast within the phone once you've set it up through Zune. It is then able to download further podcast episodes without needing to be tethered.

I currently only subscribe to two podcasts and one of them behaves really weirdly if I try to subscribe to it through the phone so I wanted to see if it was perhaps peculiar to the RSS feed for this podcast or something else.

The podcast is of the type where you want to listen to the oldest episode first. I'm also up-to-date with the podcast. What I'm seeing when I subscribe to the podcast on the phone is that it downloads the three oldest episodes. OK, so I'm listening to it in oldest episode first, so I mark one of the episodes as played.

Nothing happens. The phone does not remove that episode or download the next one.

So I delete that played episode.

The phone then downloads that very same episode all over again!

Any thoughts? Does this happen on any other podcasts? I'm seeing slightly different behaviour on the 2nd podcast I listen to which doesn't quite tie in so I'm just wondering actually if the whole podcast subscription thing is just broken in some way.