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View Full Version : Apple Updates All of iLife '11

Jeff Campbell
07-13-2011, 12:25 AM
<div class='os_post_top_link'><a href='http://tidbits.com/article/12312?rss' target='_blank'>http://tidbits.com/article/12312?rss</a><br /><br /></div><p><em>"When iMovie for iOS 1.2 was announced earlier this year, I was told by an Apple representative that iMovie '11 would be able to import movies created in iMovie for iOS, the app that runs on the iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. However, that information turned out to be incorrect: GarageBand was able to import projects created in GarageBand for iOS, but the same was not true of iMovie."</em></p><p><img height="500" src="http://images.thoughtsmedia.com/resizer/thumbs/size/600/dht/auto/1265227323.usr105634.jpg" style="margin-left: 50px; margin-right: 50px;" width="500" /></p><p>Well now he can since Apple <a href="http://support.apple.com/kb/DL1412" target="_blank">released iMovie 9.0.4</a> today. Now you can import projects from your iOS device onto your OS X app. This is handy since now you can film away and then import into iMovie to get it fine tuned. Pretty cool that it carries forward whatever iOS theme you use, even if it only available in iOS. Of course if you modify it with one of the OS X themes you can't go back. Good read about the basics of using it. And if you want more info on all of the updates, you can <a href="http://www.appletell.com/technologytell/article/apple-updates-all-of-its-ilife-os-x-apps/" target="_blank">go here</a> to read what else was done with iLife '11.&nbsp;</p>