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View Full Version : Hello From Down Under...

Darren Blade
06-28-2011, 10:00 PM
<p>Hello fellow Thoughts readers and Windows Phone champions!</p><p>For too long I have sat on the sideline (some ten years has passed by Jove!) following the news and opinions from whichever point of the compass I happened to be at. I now find myself compelled to enter the fray and put the proverbial pen where my mouth is. I am now one of the new Contributing Editors here at Windows Phone Thoughts, and my name is Darren Blade.</p><p>Over the years, I have posted a handful of times to the Thoughts site; you may find some of those musings of interest. My first Microsoft windows device was an HP 430SE. You may recall it was the device used by the character Dr. Christmas Jones to diffuse a nuclear bomb in the James Bond Movie "the world is not enough".</p><p>Based in New Zealand, I have my own coatings consultancy business, have worked in R&amp;D on Li-ion Battery and Solar Cell Technology, as far afield as China, USA, Australia, Italy as well as here in my native New Zealand. You could say I have a little insight in the energy and coating sides of our great little workhorses.</p><p>As you can imagine I have a strong interest in the materials/components used and the function of our devices of choice. I am hoping this helps provide for some compelling thoughts around the Windows Phone Platform for you and at the very least, the start of some interesting discussions in the thoughts forums.</p><p>My pen is at the ready...</p>

Jason Dunn
06-28-2011, 10:28 PM
Welcome to the team Darren! Has anyone ever told you your name reminds them of a Mortal Kombat character? Because it does for me. :D

Darren Blade....FINISH HIM!!!


07-01-2011, 03:32 PM
Welcome Darren. I look forward to your knowledge and insight offering us some interesting thoughts on the current and future evolution of our favourite hobby.