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View Full Version : Bad Mango...I think I need a hosted exchange account?

06-24-2011, 11:24 PM
I have really been trying hard to like WP7, I really have. So much so that while I have been waiting for it to evolve to include the services I need, I even bought one for my son. At least that way I have got to play around with it a bit.

What are the services I need? I am a die-hard Windows Mobile business user dating all the way back to Win CE and monochrome devices, syncing Outlook and using all generations of MS Office for my business needs. What I don't have is an employer that has MS Exchange Server. I am a satellite office and have always been left up to my own devices to manage my IT needs.

Until the decline of Windows Mobile 6.5, I have always accomplished this by using Outlook to manage my company email account (POP3) and sync that via USB to any mobile phone/device I may be using at the time. Obviously, this is no longer possible with WP7 and I was so hoping that Mango would bring this functionality (or something similar) to the party. However, apparently this is not to be. And it's a shame too. The fact that both "fruit companies" can handle this seamlessly but MS cannot. Heck, even the "robot" does a better job of this.

So, being unfamiliar with Exchange, I am seeking some advice on moving into the future.

First, can I get a hosted Exchange account that will use my existing company email account (not a new or different email address when I send/receive). Will POP work ok or do I need to see if our current email service provider can provide me with an IMAP option. I don't really think I need anything in the way of "collaboration" tools or additional software (like SharePoint). I am currently running MS Office 2010 with Outlook 2010 on a Windows 7 32bit machine and just need the ability to send and accept meeting requests. And of course, I want the ability to automatically sync any changes to contacts, calendar, tasks and notes with my laptop(s) and any device I may be using (phones/tablets etc.).

Any advice would be much appreciated as well as anything I may not have mentioned or thought of. Also, any experience (good or bad) with a particular service and/or recommendations would be very helpful. Thanks for reading.