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View Full Version : Did You See This on TV Recently?!?!?!?

Brad Adrian
06-17-2011, 07:38 PM
I was sitting at home the other day, quietly trying to learn something by watching the Discovery Channel, and a show came on about the 100 gadgets that changed the world (Sorry, Jason, that Cannuck classic "How It's Made" wasn't on right then.).

I agreed with the #1 selection, the smartphone, until I heard the voice on the TV say something like..."Ever since the first smartphone application was downloaded in 2008..."


Where the heck were those people FOUR YEARS EARLIER when some of us were downloading apps onto our first Pocket PC Phones? I know that the iPhone has grabbed all of the smartphone attention these days, but gee whiz, some of us were there back in the REAL beginning of the smartphone's days!