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View Full Version : How To Make Your TV Remote Solar Powered

Andy Dixon
02-06-2011, 12:00 PM
<div class='os_post_top_link'><a href='http://www.ehomeupgrade.com/2011/01/31/make-any-tv-remote-solar-powered/' target='_blank'>http://www.ehomeupgrade.com/2011/01...-solar-powered/</a><br /><br /></div><p><em>"For the DIYers out there, MAKE magazine has a video how-to detailing what you need to do in order to convert your standard, battery-powered TV remote into a solar-powered TV remote. The project makes use of the $18 SunMod Kit and requires rechargeable AA or AAA NiMH batteries, multimeter, soldering iron, and a Dremel tool to make room for the wiring. On the level of difficulty, I'd give this an EASY to MODERATE."</em></p><p><img src="http://images.thoughtsmedia.com/resizer/thumbs/size/600/wpt/auto/1296986687.usr11334.jpg" style="BORDER-BOTTOM: #d2d2bb 1px solid; BORDER-LEFT: #d2d2bb 1px solid; BORDER-TOP: #d2d2bb 1px solid; BORDER-RIGHT: #d2d2bb 1px solid" /></p><p>Do you want a solar powered remote for your TV or other media devices but haven't seen one for sale? Then this article can show you how to do it yourself. Now this isn't something I would do as&nbsp;I certainly&nbsp;doubt I get enough sunlight to charge, but also I wouldn't trust my skills to do a neat enough job that I would be happy with it.&nbsp;&nbsp;But if you've got good skills with a dremel and fancy giving it a go, we'd certainly like to know how it&nbsp;turns out.&nbsp;</p>