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  1. Help with eVB
  2. MSDN Pocket PC Developer webcast
  3. Compact Framework SP2 Available for Developers
  4. .NET Compact Framework SP2 Re-Release
  5. Smartphone MAME Port
  6. .NET CF Service Pack 2 is NOT for Smartphone
  7. Maintain a Single Binary for Pocket PC and Smartphone
  8. Maintain a Single Binary for Pocket PC and Smartphone
  9. moving from Pocket PC 2002 to Pocket PC Phone
  10. emulator 2003
  11. what's the difference between smartphone and ppc w/ phone
  12. Unable to get the host name
  13. trouble with eMbedded Visual Basic download
  14. developing for Smartphone 2002
  15. Is there a browser control in Compact Framework
  16. AS/400 in Your Pocket with ZCOM for Pocket PC
  17. Shameless Plug: Speaking at Orlando .NET User Group
  18. Open Source Development Tools
  19. Developing DPI-Aware Applications
  20. Develop Screen Orientation-Aware Applications
  21. a question about .NET
  22. Design Considerations for Microsoft Smartphone Applications
  23. Some questions
  24. ActiveSync event
  25. Auto Detect Browser
  26. Upcoming Release of .NET Compact Framework CEDB Driver
  27. desktop app visual basic .net get info from summary propperties video file, how
  28. URLs
  29. SSCLI Port for WinCE
  30. Massive .NET Compact Framework FAQ
  31. Don Box At Mobile Developers Conference
  32. Massive .NET Compact Framework FAQ
  33. Smartphone Application Security and Code Signing Model for Developers
  34. Looking for Application or Dev Help
  35. Central FL Developers: Meeting Tonight!
  36. AppForge Releases Crossfire
  37. Active Sync Vs Avantgo
  38. Some more questions
  39. Quick and dirty programming
  40. Displaying a bitmap in a view
  41. Force Feedback for your Smartphone Application
  42. eVC++ vs VB .NET
  43. Developing Pocket PC Apps for beginners
  44. Standby event
  45. Timer in non graphic application
  46. CE app in .net
  47. Rich Ink Control
  48. Develop Well Performing .NET CF Apps
  49. Creating a P/Invoke Library for the .NET CF
  50. Should I just give up
  51. How to start?
  52. Install tool?
  53. controlling the led's on ipaq h4150
  54. VB
  55. Lost connection after receiving phone call
  56. Go to MDC, Get a free Smartphone
  57. Gold Blogs
  58. Windows Mobile Bloggers for DevCon 2004
  59. Pocket PC Apps in VB.Net
  60. For Students: Go to MDC
  61. CeRunAppAtEvent FAQ
  62. For Students: Go To MDC
  63. Screen Shots
  64. What device to choose for my app ?
  65. PPC 2002 - Custom Applications
  66. New Version Of VS .NET, Compact Framework Coming
  67. Forward Pass RAD Tool - Now Free
  68. Script Editor
  69. confused about development options
  70. Programming with VB.net?
  71. Removing a remnant of a demo app
  72. What next for the OS
  73. Smartphone Giveaways for Developers
  74. forms
  75. Developers, Developers, Developers
  76. Mozilla Minimo v0.1 Released
  77. Wireless MMX added to XScale Tools
  78. Yellow Progress Bar?
  79. Spb Publishes Article, Tools To Circumvent 32 Process Limitation
  80. MDC Workshop: MapPoint Location Server
  81. developing ppc apps
  82. embedding or launching media player from VB.NET for Pocketpc
  83. Newbie! and PPC Wakeup question :)
  84. Need help looking for SDIO hardware developer kit
  85. Why You Don't Want to Miss the Mobility DevCon
  86. Why You Don't Want to Miss the Mobility DevCon
  87. 32Mb limit in Windows CE 3?
  88. Speeding up CE machines through Registry editing?
  89. Parking Lot Encounter
  90. Developer Chat For Windows CE .NET
  91. $25,000 and Some Lines of Code
  92. Help--USB connection between PPC and device
  93. Who's Going to MDC?
  94. Working With Files on Smartphone Devices
  95. XNA Will Unite Game Development for Xbox, Windows, and Windows Mobile
  96. Developer Resources for Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition
  97. Microsoft embedded C++ 4.0 : The Microsoft ActiveSync connection server has failed.
  98. Resco DetailView 2.0 Control for .NET CF
  99. Controlling Music Player
  100. MDC 2004 Highlights
  101. MDC 2004 Highlights
  102. PPC development using .NET CF, C#
  103. TinyGL: Mini OpenGL-Like Solution, Ported To Pocket PCs
  104. MPx silly question?
  105. Proposing a new design
  106. Letter to Samsung Developer Site
  107. PDA Signature capture
  108. pocket pc OS needs lots of reverse engineers
  109. Help with the PPC SDK
  110. Developing web application- trouble spot !!!
  111. Install set of theme or wallpaper/today background
  112. Copying files from PC to Pocket PC in C ->RAPI or ???
  113. idea for a cool ppc app? need advice
  114. Simple HTML form tag support.. 'Browse'???
  115. PPC bluetooth cell phone audio connection
  116. GXDMA in Landscape mode
  117. Using VB.NET And Web Services For Windows Mobile Development
  118. Undefined external symbols--HID USB functions??
  119. programming for landscape option
  120. Problem in communicating with a web service from SmartPhone App.
  121. MSDN Mobility Web Casts for May
  122. Is there a synchronization program for Linux???
  123. Sapphire Solutions Announces eVB, .NET Control Updates
  124. Embedded PC power supply/UPS ??
  125. What Do You Want From MSDN?
  126. A Sneak Peak At The Future Of Mobile Development
  127. Windows Mobile 2003 SE Webcasts
  128. Windows CE 5.0 Preview
  129. Start Menu
  130. Send Your Emulator An SMS
  131. How to make this shortcut?
  132. Newbie Questions
  133. using an sd or cf card as a scratch disk?
  134. Mobile DevCon Starts Today, Eh?
  135. AppCraft: Post And Bid On Mobile Application Projects
  136. Don't Miss These MSDN Webcasts
  137. InstallShield X Supports Smartphone
  138. Register for Windows Embedded DevCon
  139. Java Compiler?
  140. MapPoint Location Server Discussed By
  141. Must Have Features For Any Smartphone Application
  142. MGN Interviews Kevin Collins Regarding SQL Mobile
  143. OpenNETCF Smart Device Framework v1.1
  144. Deploy a program from .NET 2003 to Smartphone 2003
  145. Developer Webcast: Windows Mobile and AT&T Wireless
  146. Vincent: Open-Source OpenGL Subset For Mobile Devices
  147. Poom .Net - Access Pocket Outlook Databases from .NET CF
  148. Control Windows Media Player Using .NET CF
  149. Pocket Streamer -- .NET CF App To Select And Play Music
  150. GPRS Connection
  151. Dedicated .NET Smart Device Controls Site
  152. Voice enabled calculator
  153. New Version of Must Have Libraries and Controls
  154. MSDN Webcasts for June
  155. PocketGear increases its fees
  156. NetFront browser and ASP.NET
  157. Four Lines of Code Goes Four Platforms
  158. How do I programmatically access the ROM Version
  159. Need help on how to create UserForm associate with the Pocket Excel... If it is possible.
  160. .NET Compact Framework QuickStarts
  162. Bluetooth activation via hardware-button
  163. Mail Header Information
  164. :::School Project:::Voice Control for X10 using Socket on O2 XDA:::
  165. Software Resellers Continued - Not Just Percentages Anymore
  166. Autorun folder on Storage Card with PXA263
  167. Remote Data Access on Smartphone
  168. Remote Data Access on Smartphone
  169. Bluetooth Mouse
  170. Windows Embedded Developer Conference - Anybody Going?
  171. Locking and Kiosk Mode
  172. .NET CF Talk In Tampa, Wednesday 6-23
  173. iButton Software Interface
  174. Does Pocket IE take args
  175. Pocket C#: Compile .NET Code On Your Pocket PC
  176. GPS-enabled flash
  177. Disabling WINS on RAS dial-out connections?
  178. Debugging .NET Compact Framework Applications Using The Command Line Debugger
  179. Free .net CF IDE
  180. Microsoft Announces Visual Studio 2005 Beta 1, Including "Express" Dev Tools
  181. Terminating Pocket IE
  182. Smartphone Application Hints And Tricks
  183. Pocket PC 2003 Emulator Problems
  184. "You Can Take It With You" Column on MSDN
  185. writing on CTabCtrl image
  186. I can't build CABs in Visual Studio
  187. eMbedded Visual C++ 4 and header files
  188. NS Basic/CE 5.0 Released
  189. Visual Basic .net from VS2003
  190. WE-DIG: New Mobile and Embedded Developer Interest Group
  191. How to use .js files (containing javascript code) on Pocket PC.
  192. Debugger?
  193. Pocket Excel API
  194. First Annual .NET Compact Framework Coding Competition
  195. HandyLabs Releases Poom .NET 1.0
  196. Support For Red-E SC1100 Smartphone Developer Kit Smartphone Restored
  197. eSQL Cross Platform Relational Database version 2.8 Released
  198. Please guide me to the right place
  199. non-fullscreen GAPI?
  200. .NET CF obfuscator
  201. Developing with SQL Server CE
  202. Virtual Pc emulated ethernet switch
  203. Loading embedded bitmaps from executable in C#
  204. Questions about VS.NET 2005 beta1
  205. Questions about VS.NET 2005 beta1
  206. Syware Announces mEnable 2.0
  207. ANN: MsgBox library (Shareware): a replacement for MessageBox
  208. Test
  209. MDI Forms
  210. Code Problems
  211. set ip
  212. Opinons on Database approaches for Smartphone w/offline mode
  213. New to all this
  214. ISVs - Who's Your Buddy?
  215. Using RDA and Merge Replication with SQL CE
  216. What version of VS supports Smart Devices? CF?
  217. Pocket PC and Smartphone Field Service Projects
  218. Smartphone and Pocket PC Field Service Projects
  219. Games Programming With Cheese
  220. Are You Connected?
  221. Are You Connected?
  222. Hide Windows Media Player on startup
  223. Fonix Introduces VoiceIn 4.0 SE - Speech Recognition SDK
  224. Problem with reading from Storage Card after resume
  225. .NET Compact Framework Poster
  226. Go Cross Platform With GoDB
  227. .NET Compact Framework Poster
  228. Some questions
  229. In Memory of Terry Myhrer (1960-2004)
  230. Problem creating a Udp-connection to a plc with visual basic .Net
  231. App for Pocket PC 2003 using the Symbol barcode scanner
  232. Merge replication
  233. Camera API Wrapper For HTC-Based Devices Released
  234. Problems with SQL CE and IIS
  235. J# for Windows Smartphones?
  236. Hood Canal Mobility Sale!
  237. Wrap that Camera
  238. .NET Compact Framework Tips and Tricks
  239. Delphi
  240. Programming a USB gamepad driver for pocket pc
  241. celib on windows mobile 2003?
  242. Smartphone Privilege APIs
  243. stylus looking mouse cursor
  244. Sorry boys, i gave up! migrating to c#
  245. Need a BEEP() in vb.net CF
  246. Looking for XML/XSLT coders using WM2003 devices
  247. getting started..
  248. Secure Development and Deployment
  249. MSDN Web Casts
  250. Secure Development and Deployment