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  1. wireless sync, drive mapping to pc, etc
  2. ad-hoc network between wi-fi laptop and 4155?
  3. Non Connected Blues
  4. How to make a wireless ActiveSync?
  5. PocketPC as a wireless Headphone ?
  6. PDA's Knocking Out Wireless Networks
  7. BT range and interference with WiFi?
  8. Strange Wi-Fi Problem!!!
  9. SSID and Aironet problem
  10. Hp has released new WLAN drivers and firmware, now supports WPA
  11. n00bie here with Toshiba E740 and wifi
  12. best options for wireless PPC?
  13. WiNc and PPC 2003
  14. Wireless router / Access Point problem
  15. Ipaq 2210 and Sandisk Wifi 128MB combo card
  16. connect to work or internet?
  17. VPN drops connection
  18. wifi laptop to ppc question
  19. Activesync over Bluetooth
  20. Wi-Fi Problem???
  21. Wireless email
  22. WIFi Router - Pocket PC questions.
  23. A Cry for Help
  24. Help! - remote activesync problems
  25. Mobile Internet Speeds
  26. pocket IE not working right
  27. help!
  28. IPAG 4355 Wireless Picks wrong network
  29. How do I get my 4355 to connect to the internet when I am on the road.
  30. Pls recommend working router/iPAQ 5450 combo
  31. Connecting to internet through Bluetooth dongle
  32. Problems getting online using BT
  33. Bluetooth sites
  34. Multicast on CE/Mobile
  35. Better Bluetooth CF Card
  36. Network Adapter setting keeps switching back to "Work"
  37. Turning off SSID broadcast. Hacker-proof?
  38. What bluetooth dongle do you recommend?
  39. Notify PPC of Call From Bluetooth Cell Phone
  40. pc thinks cf card is a network card
  41. H5555/H5455 WiFi Profile Settings won't stay SAVED.
  42. 10004 WSAEINTR Errors
  43. Connecting Pocket PC from hotels
  44. document conversion help
  45. Verizon 1xrtt National Access in an Ipaq Here
  46. WM2003 Wifi Profiles?
  47. Dialing up via my mobile to my operators' GPRS service?
  48. Connecting Ipaq3900 with Sandisk WiFi to Linksys router to DSL
  49. Difficulty With Pocket Outlook
  50. Cannot Browse Network
  51. Bt help
  52. Using BT to surf?
  53. help with cf wireless card and hp 2215
  54. Turn off Desktop from PPC ?
  55. question from ginger. i'm lost
  56. Axim/Linksys WCF12 can't connect at home anymore
  57. BT games?
  58. Will I be able to access my network with my pocket PC?
  59. BT naming issues
  60. Wireless for Dummy
  61. Wireless Active Sync
  62. Need help to wireless sync between Dell Axim 30 and DL614+
  63. Need Help Accessing WiFi Networks With My iPAQ 2215
  64. File Explorer Access Limited
  65. [b]FURIOUS [/b]about Samsung A670
  66. Wireless Home Phone and WiFi
  67. Software to use between 1945 and t616
  68. Can't locate the My Network Places!!!
  69. Bluetooth Internet and Networking
  70. Troubles: I can't connect via bluetooth???
  71. WiFi Connection Trouble
  72. Free WiFi access in Toronto
  73. is the hp ipaq 1945 bluetooth adapter compatible ?
  74. MSN hotmail
  75. Bluetooth Guide
  76. Wi Fi Internet Access with a Dell Axim
  77. Cingular all-you-can-eat data?
  78. noob
  79. MSN Messenger and T-Mobile
  80. Simple noob question (sorry)
  81. use wirless for telephone
  82. Weird troubles
  83. Ctrl+Enter
  84. Better browsing on wm2003se
  85. Printer Question for Wireless network and sharing
  86. WiFi, iPaq 5450 and PocketPC 2003
  87. Can you do the same things that WIFI does with BT?
  88. How to find IP address
  89. How can I reconect automatically to my network using BT
  90. Netrunner and WM2003
  91. Is this the correct Aim that i can use?
  92. Cannot display 'AP Browser' when using WiFi card
  93. I can only browse my LAN
  94. Cell Phone to Pocket PC Wireless Internet
  95. Recommendation on BT CF?
  96. Connection Manager
  97. Wireless internet vis USB receiver
  98. How to print a document via a bluetooth connection, PPC->PC?
  99. Send files via Bluetooth???
  100. Is there an aftermarket Bluetooth-GPS-DVD-CD in dash automobile system?
  101. Cellphone Help
  102. Cannot surf web using BT and T610
  103. Restablisihng Bluetooth connections
  104. ppc to palm bluetooth?
  105. Need help with New Socket BT card and GPRS
  106. Extreme Bluetooth instability
  107. ActiveSync over Internet
  108. stanaphone
  109. Persistent Bluetooth Connections? Is it possible?
  110. Question re: new ATT wireless Pocket PC>>>>>
  111. Bluetooth makes me reset
  112. Best Wardriving PPC Software?
  113. Ipaq bluetooth with P900?
  114. iPAQ h2210 + Bluetooth headset = no sound?
  115. Bluetooth AND wifi
  116. Setting up WiFi for work and home
  117. wireless questions from a new guy
  118. Pocket PC Phone or Pocket PC + Cell Phone
  119. WiFi SDIO Options
  120. Sony Ericsson T616 w/ Bluetooth & IPAQ 4150
  121. AT&T Wireless data plans
  122. Active Sync Shortcut ont he Today screen.
  123. T-Mobile free GPRS open to all ports?!
  124. Wireless Packet Sniffer
  125. Looking for a way to setup a partnership via wifi
  126. Wireless Configuration Troubles
  127. Help!!! hotmail on ppc
  128. dhcp issues
  129. Wi-Fi Sniffer for unsecured networks?
  130. Help? Connecting iPaq 2210 to Internet
  131. lost ability to connect to tmobile w/HP2210+sony610
  132. Pocket PC Internet with Cell Phone
  133. trouble shooting steps (question)
  134. Help!!! Bluetooth ...
  135. Bluetooth USB Dongle
  136. ActiveSync via BT Phone connection
  137. 802.11 Ad-Hoc not work with WEP or WPA on PDA?
  138. Pocket PC Bluetooth/Wi-Fi GPS???
  139. wifi and dialup
  140. CF WIFI recommendations ?
  141. How do I connect LAN with Bluetooth?
  142. Wi-Fi Range???
  143. So what's the deal with BT keyboards?
  144. picking up neighbours access point
  145. Wireless PC to PPC ad-hoc connection
  146. Switch PIE browser user agent string dynamically
  147. Bluetooth SD card with storage?
  148. Do you rec T Mobile for PDA Internet mail?
  149. WLan Icon for tray
  150. ThunderHawk v2.0 beta is available
  151. GPRS and mNotes and IPAQ 6315
  152. VNC viewer + GPRS connection = Impossible??
  153. Noobie trying to network
  154. HP6315 The Ultimate WiFi Sniffer
  155. Bluetooth only 30 kps
  156. ActiveSync over Wi-Fi
  157. Bluetooth headphones/wireless headphones
  158. Save me from this madness
  159. Page Not Found error
  160. WIDCOMM Bluetooth Drivers
  161. Connection Manager Replacement
  162. Stowaway Bluetooth keyboard - is finally here - inital thoughts.
  163. Linksys Wireless Music System
  164. I Have WiFi, do i need a pc?
  165. How to access home computer over wifi???
  166. Want h2210 to access internet using Bluetooth cell phone, NEED HELP.
  167. WiFi Communication Between PPCs
  168. T-Mobile Ipaq 6315 GPRS issues
  169. PDA WiFi Speed King Crowned at Tom's Hardware
  170. GSM vs CDMA coverage
  171. Advice wanted - to GPRS or not to GPRS??
  172. iPaq h6315 wifi difficulties
  173. iPAQ 6315 as modem for laptop
  174. Advice on wireless network cards?
  175. Need help connecting to school network
  176. SDIO WI-FI Cards
  177. Modem help please!
  178. Bluetooth Audio Receiver to 3.5mm Jack??
  179. Would WiFi Work?
  180. WiFiFoFum Updated
  181. Why Didn't My WiFi Card See the Network?
  182. Having Trouble ActiveSyncing over WiFi
  183. Help neede on Bluetooth Manager
  184. movianVPN being discontinued, any other options?
  185. Nextel pocketpc?
  186. Activesync connection 'dropping' over Bluetooth cnx
  187. Spectrum Analyzer software for the PPC
  188. TrueMobile WLAN help
  189. iPaq h4350 and the Sony-Ericsson T637, Cingular ... help!
  190. SP2 and Wireless ActiveSync
  191. Annoying Network Logon Prompt - Disable?
  192. Help with internet access via wifi...
  193. Partnering with V710
  194. Cannot ping wireless router
  195. v710 with Verizon Questions
  196. PIX Messaging
  197. PPC & S'phone not so communicative
  198. Sync via GPRS - can it be done ? with 6315 ?
  199. Microsoft Elite Keyboard for Bluetooth
  200. Wifi with 6315, Wireless Sync and Internet access problem
  201. HP iPAQ h2215 and Bluetooth Dial-up problem
  203. Firewalled behind wifi
  204. PDA and phone.
  205. Wireless Options
  206. Bluetooth LAN/Internet Sharing with Desktop Windows XP Service Pack 2?
  207. Kudos to HP!
  208. 4150 Wifi Headaches
  209. BT - Access/Opening Files Query
  210. Communicate audio in real-time with a PC
  211. WiFi sync with notebook
  212. ActiveSync and Drive Mapping over the Internet
  213. How can I protect my device when I surf from a public hotspot
  214. Are there any wifi sniffers that can detect access points that aren't broadcasting their SSID?
  215. wireless SD cards
  216. USB Wifi Stick under WM2003
  217. Anybody having trouble with Cingular GPRS?
  218. Im frought. (Open wireless networks)
  219. An SD card as a remote?
  220. Insight about the AT&T Wireless mMode unlimited plan
  221. "This network connects to the Internet" won't stay checked
  222. 4150 Wireless problems !
  223. Low profile wireless CF card?
  224. Pocket PC Wi-Fi Internet Connection
  225. cannot connect Pocket PC to home network
  226. TrueMobile 1180 WLAN help
  227. headset profile for socket bluetooth cf card
  228. Want to trade wireless access points
  229. Ipaq 3950 and Sandisk Wifi: Speed problem
  230. Mobile Websites
  231. Possible to Fileshare?
  232. ASUS CF WL-110 Problems
  233. Belkin Bluetooth CF Card Drivers (F8T020)
  234. Buying a Bluetooth USB Dongle: Pitfalls
  235. How do I use BT to connect my iPaq 2210 over an existing WiFi connection?
  236. help: zero wifi configuration: i dont get it, or am i missing something?
  237. making a CF-card modem connection persistent?
  238. Wireless Network - Health Safety Issues?
  239. Problems connecting to the internet - 4150
  240. CompactFlash vs. SD Wireless cards
  241. Bluetooth and Activesync -- not able to re-initialize
  242. Synching with bluetooth vs. cable.
  243. Bluetooth, Keyboards & Cell phones
  244. Synchronising PDA with Mobile Phone
  245. XViD, DiVX, MP3, all over 802.11b with a new Dell Axim X50?
  246. i am going nuts with Zero Config
  247. VPN client for PPC?
  248. Can anyone recommend an EASY 2 USE wireless accesspoint or router?
  249. Ad Hoc Sync on e750???
  250. New user