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  1. how my pocket pc connect to internet through my house router by wireless
  2. PDA connection problem,IPAQ
  3. Dell Axim x51v bluetooth PAN connection problems, help.
  4. Mitec Mio A201 Pocket PC & TomTom5
  5. Odyssey Client for WM 5.0 help!
  6. Bluetooth Headset on Cingular 8125
  7. GPS software feedback
  8. Logitech Mobile Traveller BT Headset
  9. use my slvr as a modem for ISP access?
  10. ipaq 6515/Tomtom
  11. PocketPC GPS Software Questions
  12. Installing TomTom Navigator on flash memory?
  13. Cellular data card for iPaq 5555?
  14. Anyone use Scosche Bluetooth transmitter?
  15. Need help! Cannot scan for Wireless!
  16. Is there an EDGE Compact Flash card?
  17. Sending Mail via WiFi Connection
  18. ipaq pocket pc wireless connection problems
  19. Dell GPS Navigation with non Dell receiver
  20. Skype + 1940 + Spectec WiFi
  21. How do I use my Sprint PPC-6700 as a modem for my laptop?
  22. Configure wifi ppc to see home network
  23. Can I connect to other computers in my home network wirelessly?
  24. Pharos SDIO what maping software is compatible? /good GPS?
  25. IPAQ Navigator System and WM5 Compatibility
  26. AES Encryption on Wireless Networks
  27. EDGE problem in Vancouver
  28. HP 2215 bluetooth DUN connection
  29. Can u connect to a PC wirelessly and use the broadband
  30. XDA IIi with GPS
  31. Using my Qtek 9100 as a modem for my e800
  32. Medion PDA and Kodak WIFI card
  33. Connecting Ipaq to BT Laptop
  34. Exchange AS questions
  35. Orb - Bandwidth??
  36. How can i sync 2 pda's together over the net or over gprs?
  37. Bluetooth ActiveSync on T-Mobile MDA Phone
  38. Asus a636 vs. Myguide 700?
  39. How does stand alone GPS devices compare to the ones use with Pocket PCs?
  40. IS there a fee for using GPS devices?
  41. how my iPAQ connect to internet by using wireless?
  42. Cannot dialup from my Pocket Loox N560 using my Nokia 6680
  43. HI-406BT pairing problem
  44. Bluetooth stereo headset with possible microphone.
  45. WiFi signal strength icon?
  46. A couple of questions
  47. Which GPS Receiver for the PPC has the best and helpful features to purchase?
  48. Axim X50 & AVRCP Bluetooth Profile
  49. L6 + H2210
  50. Blue tooth headphones and audio
  51. xv6700 and bluetooth gps?
  52. Using Sprint Vision as a modem to go on the internet?
  53. page not found
  54. questions from a pda virgin
  55. Norway or Bust!
  56. need some info plz
  57. New Developer tools from Tele Atlas
  58. Road back to PPC goes through the MDA Vario
  59. WiFi and Data Plan
  60. Holux Gpslim236 Com Port
  61. Jornada 928
  62. Dell x50v and O2
  63. Bluetooth Video Implementation
  64. nav4all, really that good?
  65. wifi: Dif. between Europe and North America?
  66. a good how to ?
  67. wireless connecting laptop and PPC
  68. Sat Nav Apps - performance under load.
  69. GPS tracking with Pocket PC
  70. Someone with qtek 9100 who managed to get ad-hoc wireless net on the PPC
  71. cable to connect phone to pda/what can i do with gprs?
  73. IPAQ 1940 + Tom Tom 5 COM Port Problem
  76. Need new wireless router at home
  77. WEB BROWSERS - Mozilla Firefox
  78. wififofum, ipaq and cf wifi card
  79. HP iPAQ rx 1950: Connects to Wireless, but "Page Not Found"
  80. Wireless connect to a network computer by ip address
  81. Bluetooth ActiveSync and WM5
  82. Can PPC's use software tools that can crack WEP?
  83. Using Gmail to send from multiple email addresses
  84. Stereo Bluetooth Headphones: Is it true, there is a video/audio delay???
  85. RTM8000 GSM/GPRS Card Audiovox FOR PDA OR PC(laptop)
  86. Cannot access shared files in network through wi-fi
  87. Bluetooth Question (nobody seems to know the answer to this one...)
  88. Synchronise Contacts on Dell Axim 50v with mobile phone via Bluetooth
  89. Can connect to VPN using WM 5.0 but not PPC 2003?
  90. How can I play PC music wirelessly outside?
  91. HP iPAQ rw6828: TOMTOM NAV5 Problem
  92. Sprint and Verizon BT modem Phones
  93. Query: Stand-alone GPS Rcvr w/ Laser Range Finder
  94. xv6700 and BT GPS configuration
  95. a little help needed (iPAQ h5450)
  96. Suggestions For Entry-Level GPS Solution?
  97. BT Sync/Internet Passthrough Possible w/ Dell Axim X51v
  98. Audiovox PPC-6700 won't sync
  99. Should I get a PocketPC Phone or seperate cell phone?
  100. Correct setup WM5 wireless connection??
  101. Tele Atlas receives award for geographic database
  102. Connect through WiFi first, then GPRS
  103. GPS w/ MS S & T at Woot today.
  104. Full map of U.S. on PPC?
  105. nav4all
  106. pocket PC to send files directly to a modem
  107. Help me figure out a suitable data plan
  108. Beginner questions on GPS
  109. GPS on Cingular 8125
  110. Why I Hate Bluetooth Headsets...
  111. ICS for Windows Mobile
  112. I'm A Happy New GPS User!
  113. How do you create commands that would appear in Program Files?
  114. Dell GPS for Dell X50v
  115. Connect Terminal Services
  116. Anybody sync over bluetooth with PC running Bluesoleil?
  117. Bluetooth for Alerts
  118. Wired GPRS modem for laptop, possible?
  119. Will USB GPS receivers work on mini USB port on JasJar?
  120. Adhoc networking guide updated for WM5
  121. stream picture on i-mate sp5?
  122. MDA Bluetooth Modem and Periodic Disconnects
  123. BT-328 bluetooth and DeLorme Handheld 2005
  124. Need help finding a wireless card for my iPAQ3955 with PCMCIA sleeve
  125. Navteq+samsung i730+MS pharos receiver?
  126. SDIO wifi recommendations
  127. Audiovox 2032SP Collapsible Keyboard Driver Needed
  128. hlp does anyone know how to set up terminal services using winmo 5.0 and 2000 server
  129. gps for pda
  130. iGO for Loox n560
  131. Holux CF card problem on PocketPC
  132. HP iPaq hw6915 from UK: what version of TomTom is on it?
  133. D-Link DWL-G730AP Settings
  134. How to intergrate USB Bluetooth dongle into IPAQ 3630??
  135. Troubles using HTC TyTN as modem (Cingular) with laptop, via USB cable
  136. Can't connect to secure wireless access point
  137. ISATAP Problem
  138. Need help with my Pocket Pc gps softwars
  139. Wired vs. Bluetooth GPS
  140. Car mount suggestions for iPaq 2215
  141. Cingular EDGE network speed
  142. Orange M2000 will
  143. [Question] Changing BT Stack
  144. GPS map of Taiwan for Pocket PC
  145. Bluetooth GPS and iPaq hx2755
  146. BT GPS connectivity
  147. N520 wifi problems
  148. Help Accessing Samba Server on WM5
  149. Streaming Video on Demand
  150. hp exam stuff ?
  151. AES ecryption unavailable?
  152. Help with LEAP and work WLAN
  153. iPaq 2795 and Apple Airport WiFi - how to connect?
  154. Nokia 6682 modem problem
  155. BluefireVPN - VPN over GPRS
  156. TIP: PPC Phone Edition devices as modems - is it indeed as complicated as some state?
  157. desktop an wifi
  158. 4smartphone help please?
  159. Connecting to Wireless Router
  160. Win Mobile 2005 and GPRS over Bluetooth
  161. MMS Settings for T-Mobile USA
  162. What Tips Do You Have For Phone Edition Users?
  163. BT Headphones - help?
  164. EDGE enabled CF?
  165. Share one BT headset with two phones?
  166. Bluetooth, activesync, PPC version?
  167. samsung wifi
  168. is wifi on ppc like regular pc?
  169. Small SDIO Wi-Fi Card?
  170. connecting with ipaq 3650
  171. connecting to the internet through a Pix firewall?
  172. Pocket IE add ons
  173. Query: Laptops and GSM PC Cards for Internet Access
  174. wifi trade
  175. Verizon Razr Bluetooth internet connection with Dell x50v?
  176. Jornada 560 Wireless Options
  177. is it possible to use my laptop as a bt keybd for my axim 51v?
  178. Getting the MAC address of the Bluetooth unit of your Pocket PC
  179. Bluetooth issue: Dell x51v and Samsung A930
  180. Wirless network not fully working, help needed
  181. Sending Sms via BT to you fone (how do i do it)
  182. Solution for the official WM5 AKU2 MS BT stack’s disconnecting from stereo BT sets
  183. A2DP support & sound quality & power usage of MS & Widcomm BT stack compared!
  184. Voip Stunt- Pocket PC?
  185. Verizon Christmas toy?
  186. Verizon $45/month silliness
  187. Verizon 64meg Treo?
  188. 500$ GPS,PDA,GSM Phone
  189. How many bluetooth ActiveSync connections/profiles can WM5 make?
  190. SPV M1000 & GPS Receivers ????
  191. Cleaning Out Old WiFi Connections
  192. Dialup Via Cellular Line
  193. Navteq On Board software errors using new 2.0.2721NA release
  194. Clarify A2DP upgrade for X50v with WM2003SE?
  195. iPAQ 6945 GPS/Cell Phone options
  196. iPaq 3950 and Wireless networking
  197. accessing internet in pocket pc through local area network
  198. setting up a bluetooth PAN in WM5
  199. Is Yahoo webmail usable via PIE ?
  200. Interfacing a Garmin eTrex and Dell Axim x51v
  201. Wireless card for 2210
  202. Bue Ant bt head fones not working
  203. Connect to Treo 750v via Bluetooth and use as a 3G modem
  204. iPaQ users, please help!!
  205. GPS maps -- non-street
  206. VPN Disconnect on Network Access
  207. conecting through wireless router w/ ipaq 4350
  208. browsing home network
  209. ipaq 2215 with logitech bluetooth headphones?
  210. Poor cingular reception with IMate JasJar in Texas,USA
  211. GPS on Smartphones
  212. Visiontac VGPS-700 World's Smallest Bluetooth GPS Receiver?
  213. TomTom Navigator 6 on hw6945
  214. network
  215. FRWD B600 and SportsDo 2.2, GPS and Heartrate...
  216. PLEASE, I'm looking for a SD Wireless Card WITH onboard memory for data...
  217. How do I attach to my Wi-fi network ?
  218. i am new and want gps for my ppc 6700 real bad
  219. Wireless Setting keeps re-setting
  220. B/T Handsfree Car Kit w/display readout.
  221. Anyone have gps setup on a hx2415?
  222. ipaq 3850 + gps options
  223. My bluetooth connection keeps dropping out.
  224. Pocket PC Phone Advice PLEASE!
  225. Help on Getting GPS software for Mio P550
  226. Gemtek Wireless cf card
  227. Demon.net/Gmail email on iPaq 3715 - does it ever work?
  228. hx2495, Blackjack and Bluetooth
  229. Managing Navigation Maps on PPC?
  230. Can I do some WiFi network unable to work?
  231. DEFINITIVE ROUNDUP of three stereo BT headphones: Nokia HS-12W, Plantronics Pulsar 590 & 260
  232. Usb wifi adapter to pda?
  233. sound quality problem on bluespoon Ax2
  234. Treo 700w
  235. Bluetooth Headset Connection Problem
  236. Windows 5.0 and iGuidance GPS Software Question
  237. Alternatives to HP GPS software on HP 6955?
  238. help S620/DASH and tethering/DUN to PocketPC!!
  239. Multiple sims, one number?
  240. FSPL720 Wifi problems
  241. adaptor to connect pda with SD slot to USB modem?
  242. WiFi Connected But Unable to Surf!
  243. miniSD + WiFi + storage?
  244. GPRS Roaming
  245. WiFi not staying connected 8125
  246. Deleting GPRS settings
  247. Pocket PC as "repeater"
  248. 3G -Settings for connecting phone to pda
  249. No Edge icon?
  250. New Spectec Driver