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  1. How to recover a PPC with a corrupted Image ROM left After ROM Update
  2. ActiveSync Synchronized File Folder
  3. Charging problem O2 mini
  4. Poor Integration - frustrations.
  5. HP iPAQ h6315 looking to fix a problem
  6. 700w Annoying Little Quirks
  7. Verizon xv6700, MS ActiveSync 4.1, and other questions...
  8. 8125 wont sync with laptop??
  9. ROM size for rw6828 and hw6965
  10. Contacts not sync from Outlook
  11. Auto answer on O2 Atom Torq P120
  12. Help me choose a Pocket PC Phone.
  13. does anyone know how to get a laptop to use my 700W as a bluetooth modem?
  14. Delete entries in the Recent Calls List
  15. O2 XDA Exec: 6 Month Rigorous Test
  16. WM5 not loading on MDA Vario
  17. VGA Win Mobile Phones ...
  18. JAMin vs Jam: physically identical on the outside?
  19. SMT5600 Replacement Headphones
  20. Cingular 8125 rubber shoe
  21. 8125 wont sync up with win media 10 but syncs up with comp???
  22. HTC Universal or ETEN M600+
  23. How do I get multiple EMails
  24. Activesync drops partnership??
  25. Active Sync not transferring all files
  26. mp3 as alarm sound on Qtek
  27. Cingular 8125 VS Verizon VX6700??
  28. Swap SIM between Blackberry and PPCPE??
  29. Imate crash!
  30. Cingular Pocket PC: Moving contacts from SIM to Phone?
  31. Windows Media Player 10 and XV6700
  32. TREO 700W, NEED HELP!!
  33. TREO 700p AND TREO 700w Comparison
  34. XDA 2i Pocket PC w2003se Theme animation manager
  35. 8125 Xpress Push Mail?
  36. How do I contact Qtek? I have a problem and cannot find their information...
  37. Sprint 6700 keeps disabling radio in my pocket. Possible to lock device?
  38. Fax Service on Imate Jamin is possible ?
  39. Marvell Buys Intel Chip Unit for $600M
  40. Charging Cingular 8125
  41. How Do I Protect My Messages???
  42. Imate Jas Jar
  43. Question about smartphones, unlocked PPC's, and carriers
  44. 700w as laptop modem
  45. WM5 Registry Jacked...
  46. 8125 vs. axim 50v and cell phone
  47. "No Camera" Pocket PC Phone
  48. Change your XDA Atom ==> XDA Atom Exec ????
  50. Can "blackberry connect" install to O2 XDAIIi (hong kong version)
  51. PPC6700 with Logitech BT headphones issue
  52. Have gprs/edge connection...cannot connect to IE or OTA sync??
  53. JAMin on Rogers: connectivity settings?
  54. lost my "setting" selection on my start bar
  55. Cingular 8125 won't shut off
  56. Unable to install SPB software on win mob5.o
  57. Using SX66 as a wireless modem
  58. Recommend me a phone/PDA
  59. Calling Card application for WM5 - CCDialer
  60. MP3 ringtone not working on WM5.0
  61. XDA Mini-S Lockup on low memory
  62. Dual Core Processors
  63. barcode scanner
  65. H2210 + my BT Phone = MDA?
  66. A2DP on Qtek S200 ... EASY!!
  67. How to make my QTEK connect at home and airports WLAN
  68. View surveillance cameras from 8125
  69. MapQuest
  70. Notification Error
  71. Help WM5 and Active Sync 4.1
  72. Looking for a Genius with a TREO 700w...
  73. Qtek 9100 - 1GB SD Card
  74. MDA Compact
  75. Xda EXec aka JasJar...can you remove the O2 branding & active UI?
  76. Thinnest Smartphone...
  77. Help choosing Pocket PC Phone with Multimedia Capabilities
  78. Ipaq 6915 ROM Storage
  79. iPAQ hw6965 LCD have "hissing" sound.
  80. How do I send email via SMS on the Verizon 6700??
  81. PPC 6700 Backlight keeps coming on!!!!
  82. QTek 9100 with Direct Push - Folders, no emails!
  83. Will TMobile Get New Phones?
  84. Do you have a HTC Wizard? SmartSKey will be your best friend!
  85. Help finding a Pocket PC Phone
  86. mda as wireless modem for my laptop
  87. TMOBILE USA Releases MDA ROM ver 2.26 !
  88. THIS IS HELL: Pocket Music Vs. Pocket Player Vs. Custom Ringtones...
  89. T-Mobile MDA - alternate headphones???
  90. Battery Extender (4AA PPC recharger) + NiMH Batteries?
  91. Animated radar
  92. Activesync suddenly can't recognize my device.
  93. TMobile MDA and Realtor EKey
  94. Reliable WM5 PE PDAs
  95. J2ME download?
  96. MSN Messenger not working through wireless network on cingular 8125
  97. 8125 burning out sim cards
  98. Purchased new Cingular 8125
  99. Issues with new Tmobile MDA
  100. Battery Problems | Tmobile MDA | draining all the way down to zero
  101. Getting music to play through my Bluetooth Headset???
  102. WM5: change in device not reflected in Outlook
  103. Buying software for Qtek S200 - confusion!
  104. Audiovox 2032SP Collapsible Keyboard Driver Needed
  105. Article on customizing your new WM5 - a few must-have apps
  106. Need Help setting up Outgoing E-mail server on Imate PDA II
  107. Trouble "sync"ing new Treo 700w with Active Sync 4.2
  108. HTC TyTN aka Hermes coming to Cingular?
  109. Expore files on HTC Harrier, WM2003
  110. Motorola Q on GPRS?
  111. Can't send email via SMTP.
  112. Setting up a new MDA
  113. Wifi set to work cannot see internet?
  114. This network connects to the internet
  115. HTC TyTn or Gigabyte gSmart
  116. 700w wifi sdio?
  117. Contacts and Call Log not in sync?
  118. My D-Pad is acting strange. Any ideas?
  119. o2 atom - Text Messages cannot be seen
  120. 3G Capable Pocket PC Phone?
  121. Orange M600 - Problems with 'Phone' settings and being slow after Active Sync
  122. Thoughts on hw6915... Who actually has one
  123. Filtered e-mails not making it to Cingular 8125
  124. Skype on Cingular 8125
  125. .MID files used for events as well as ring tone WM5
  126. Anyone use a bluetooth wireless headset with the PPC 6700?
  127. Further power consumption tests on the HTC Wizard
  128. picture mail help with PPC-6700 (Qwest/Sprint)
  129. ppc-6700 BT Com Port new port missing
  130. My Qwest PPC-6700 experiences thus far (compared to Audiovox 5600 smartphone)
  131. SMT 5600
  132. Changing battery on MDA (scared to death)
  133. Solar Charging a PPC -> voltage issues?
  134. Voice dialling through bluetooth headset
  135. Hermes: Bugs, glitches and irritations
  136. flash player for pda?
  137. Power consumption measurements of the HTC Universal
  138. XDA Mini S - Dead after low battery
  139. network settings?
  140. installing games?
  141. Treo 700wx Review...
  142. Running Motorola-specific Midlet games on the Pocket PC? YES!!
  143. ringers how do i get them?
  144. Moved and unpacked (for the most part)
  145. Help with Sprint Pocket PC Audiovox 6601
  146. fastest mini sd cards
  147. G-Smart vs RW6828 vs Atom
  148. Palm Treo 700wx & Verizon
  149. Treo 700w syncing problems even with NEWEST active sync
  150. imate kjam troubles with gprs/internet connection
  151. wifi on kjam not good
  152. orange M2000, bluetooth will not function
  153. Access computer
  154. Networking error msg
  155. HP Hw6945 Ship Date???
  156. Htc Tytn. How to connect different headphones?
  157. Spb Pocket Plus on Cingular 8125?
  158. Treo 750 Officially announced
  159. PPC 6700 alltel and picture meassaging
  160. Calender and time issues with T Mobile MDA
  161. PPC-6700 or Treo700wx -- how is PDA?
  162. Is there a way to know what COM ports are free?
  163. Solution Found for low Voice Command Caller ID Announcement volume
  164. JVM
  165. PPC 6700 as WiFi "adapter"
  166. 700w and gmail
  167. Cingular to Nextel - Scared!
  168. Portion of touchscreen not working
  169. Hw6945 Has Arrived!!!
  170. COMPLETELY take software off of ppc?!!?!?
  171. No activesync connection. Help!!!
  172. I-mate not able to record straight into 4gbSD Card
  173. Where are my beloved 3.5" VGA displays gone!? - Drastic Measures
  174. Will Dell go into mobile phones?
  175. Refurb. replacements the norm?
  176. Blackberry Propreitary System
  177. New Cingular 8125
  178. Upgrading from one WM2005 device to another
  179. Burned on eBay - beware
  180. Q: Is there call answering machine software for the Pocket PC? A: Nope.
  181. Missed Calls on Treo 700w (when password protected)
  182. tweaks2k2 prb
  183. Help with Bluetooth Stereo Headset
  184. GUYZ...What are your thoughts on the Asus P525..??
  185. notes record more than 5 minutes?
  186. T-Mobile & the Web
  187. Rotating Screen and the background
  188. Please take the cameras away! Please!
  189. Bug Discovered in hw6915 ????
  190. Cingular 2125 won't detect storage card
  191. New PhoneDaily article on forthcoming WM5 AKU3 upgrade
  192. How to delete all PIM information?
  193. imate kjam cannot find the dhcp server
  194. PPC-6700 Bluetooth Headset Recommendations???
  195. Remove .cab files?
  196. Verizon New Pocket PC Phones - 2007
  197. Atom Speakerphone
  198. Need SD to miniSD converter (hw6915)
  199. Phantom SMS and e-mails messages on an XDA11 after full restore
  200. Beta Tester Needed - Tweak Skin for Square Screens and Phones
  201. Can someone help me pick a PPC Phone... I'm sorta on a budget too...
  202. Help with Network Settings
  203. What do I need to do to move from an Axim X5 to a T-Mobile MDA?
  204. HTC Tytn and magnets!
  205. Trouble with Sygate
  206. iPAQ 6945 & Mugen Battery?
  207. Infrared +/- Bluetooth
  208. Bluetooth keeps shutting off...
  209. Upcoming UMTS and HSDPA on both Cingular and T-mobile.
  210. Storage Card issue with Cingular 8125
  211. benq p50 in silver?
  212. Please help with Exchange Connection Issue
  213. How to be a distributor?!?!?!
  214. No reminders!! Any advice?
  215. HP6940 Storage Card Issues.
  216. how to remove dead icons off pocket pc menu?
  217. HTC Wizard, iGuidance and BT-77 GPS
  218. PPC in Canada?
  219. Need help where, under My Device, to load programs.
  220. How to make a Universal act as a modem?
  221. How to "release and answer" calls
  222. Windows Mobile 5.0 Call History on HP Ipaq 6915 with GPS
  223. Active Sync Problem
  224. Verizon XV6700 & Voyager 510 Bluetooth Pairing Problems
  225. Fully uninstall
  226. Cannot save in Word Mobile, supposedly there is "not enough memory to save the document."
  227. Using Vario (HTC Wizard) as PDA, and another device as phone?
  228. Anyone still using a Voq smartphone?
  229. My Dream Smartphone
  230. Battery Cover Rubber Bumper Replacement for Cingular 8125
  231. Anyone know how to add programs and icons to Scott's Launcher?
  232. ActiveSync is a synching fiend, how do I stop it from synching every 10 seconds?
  233. Sprint 6700 ring-through fixed!
  234. Bring your own phone to your cell co. ?
  235. PPC 6600 - mute after soft reset
  236. 700P + Ipaq +EVDO(Verizon)
  237. upgraded rom on 8125 and battery meter is stuck at 100%
  238. 6965 : Memory Issue
  239. 700w and gps
  240. PPCT mobile site and forum no longer display
  241. Verizon XV6700 Getting dupe emails
  242. VX6700 and Voice Command 1.5
  243. Are my SMS issues solely mine?
  244. PPC 6700 Battery completely crapped out after 1 year of use, no longer charging
  245. Pocket PC Phone Edition...
  246. GPS for other countries?
  247. automatic profile like in smartphone?
  248. Dopod C720w selling in Hong Kong One2Free
  249. Cingular 8525 Unboxing Pics & Day 1 Thoughts
  250. TOP RATED PDA Phones - Choosing a good device