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  1. Windows Mobile 6.1 Eye Candy
  2. HTC Forecasting Fast Revenue Growth For 2008
  3. Kodak Revolutionizes Camera Sensor for Mobile Devices; Introduces Industry's First 1.4 Micron, 5 Megapixel, High-ISO Sensor
  4. Smart Mobile Device Shipments Hit 118 Million in 2007, up 53% on 2006!
  5. Intel and Micron Team Up To Produce 5x Faster NAND Memory
  6. T-Mobile Offers Updated Software for Shadow Smartphone
  7. Amazon to Acquire Audible
  8. Microsoft Talks to Nokia About Windows Mobile
  9. iGo Bluetooth Stowaway Keyboards to be Discontinued
  10. Yahoo! Set to Reject Microsoft Bid
  11. Yahoo! Set to Reject Microsoft Bid
  12. Sony Ericsson Joins Microsoft's Windows Mobile Camp
  13. It's Official: Sony Ericsson and Windows Mobile Come Together
  14. Samsung Announces a Blue Candy-Bar Windows Mobile Smartphone
  15. Microsoft to Acquire Danger Inc
  16. Starbucks Wireless Access: Goodbye T-Mobile, Hello AT&T!
  17. Microsoft to Yahoo!: We're Not Giving Up!
  18. Starbucks Says Goodbye To T-Mobile, Hello to AT&T For WiFi
  19. Microsoft Getting Danger(ous)
  20. No iPAQ 610 For USA
  21. Unlimited Verizon Plans Should Launch Today
  22. Ace Available at Sprint Online
  23. Gates Says Yahoo! Bid Won't Change; Proxy Fight In the Works?
  24. HTC To Users: Maybe Some Sort Of Video Driver For You
  25. LinkedIn Debuts Web Application for Mobile Users
  26. Dopod China Plans 12-13 New Phones for 2008
  27. Windows Mobile Virus on the Loose
  28. Chaos at i-mate's US Division; Most Laid Off
  29. Sony Ericsson's XPERIA X1 Delayed Until 2009?
  30. RIM Patents Slidable Keyboard
  31. Acer Acquires E-TEN
  32. SBSH Mobile Software Launches New Site
  33. Motorola Updates Verizon Q9m
  34. NormSoft, Inc. Looking For Beta Testers
  35. Apple Licenses ActiveSync From Microsoft for iPhone
  36. Microsoft's Live Anywhere... Not So Anywhere.
  37. Windows Mobile Trojan on the Loose?
  38. Samsung BlackJack, BlackJack II and ACE Leap-Year Calendar Patch Available
  39. HTC Sees Solid Revenue Growth
  40. Sprint's Samsung Ace reviewed on Mobile Tech Review
  41. O2 UK Announces the Xda Atmos Windows Mobile Smartphone
  42. Smartphone Thoughts Changing of The Guard
  43. Microsoft Announces Silverlight for Windows Mobile
  44. The Danger Acquisition: All About the Services, Baby
  45. Microsoft Bites Bullet, Licenses Adobe's Flash Lite for Windows Mobile
  46. HTC Patent Shows Off New Slider Concept
  47. Dell Eyeballs Windows Mobile... Again
  48. Windows Mobile Set to Invade MIDs
  49. Verizon Explains New Open Device Policy
  50. PC Magazine Review the Motorola Q9c
  51. AT&T, Verizon, and Google Chime in on FCC Auction Aftermath
  52. Windows Mobile 6.1 to be Released on April 1st!
  53. SyncMate: Free Syncing Software for Windows Mobile and your Mac!
  54. Motorola To Split In Two - Handheld and Services Company
  55. Windows Mobile 6.1 Gets Tweaked - The Hits Just Keep on Coming!
  56. Coming Soon: Turn Your Windows Mobile Handset Into a Wi-Fi Hotspot!
  57. RSS to MMS Tool for Mobile RSS Feeds Launched by Cellyspace
  58. PC World's Top 10 Cell Phone-PDAs
  59. Viva La Resistance! Software Developers Leaving Handango?!
  60. Sling Media Confirms SlingPlayer Mobile Updates and Developments
  61. HTC Universal replacement
  62. Super 3G Hits 250Mbps Downlink in NTT DoCoMo Field Test
  63. HTC Manila: Custom WM6.1 Interface
  64. Hey Microsoft, Have You Read This? Wake Up!
  65. APRIL FOOLS: RIM Announces Support for Microsoft's Windows Mobile Platform
  66. APRIL FOOLS: Apple Announces Boot Camp for iPhone
  67. APRIL FOOLS: Microsoft Ditches Windows Mobile, Goes iPhone
  68. APRIL FOOLS: Microsoft, Google, and Yahoo! Join Forces
  69. APRIL FOOLS: Microsoft Reveals Windows Mobile 7 - Dubbed Photon!
  70. Microsoft Unveils Windows Mobile 6.1, New Version of Internet Explorer Mobile
  71. Windows Mobile 6.1: New Features at a Glance
  72. Microsoft Announces Immediate Availability of System Center Mobile Device Manager 2008
  73. Windows Mobile 6.1 Standard and Professional Reviewed!
  74. Microsoft Surface: Your Mobile Shopping Experience Changes on April 17
  75. Picasa Web Albums for Windows Mobile
  76. Samsung Blackjack II Windows Mobile 6.1 Homescreen in Action!
  77. The New WM Internet Explorer.
  78. No Windows Mobile 6.1 Upgrade For Any HP iPAQs
  79. US Airlines To Maintain Cell Phone Ban - Friendly Skies Remain Friendly For Now
  80. InBox Tones
  81. Moto Q 9h Trumps The Apple iPhone
  82. Verizon Offers Smartphone Users Unlimited Web Browsing and Email
  83. Microsoft Now More Danger-ous Than Ever
  84. Astraware Casino Super Friday Contest Time Winners!
  85. Pocket Mojo's 8GB microSDHC Giveaway!
  86. All-You-Can-Eat Local and International Calls from Your Windows Mobile Device
  87. Hotmail stops supporting Outlook (Express)
  88. HTC Launching US Brand Awareness Campaign
  89. Acer Outlines Smartphone Plans
  90. Palm Readying New Windows Mobile Treo?
  91. All AT&T Phones - $0.01 or Less
  92. Australia Bids Farewell to CDMA
  93. Engadget Mobile's Hands-on with the Samsung i640v
  94. MobileBurn Reviews the Samsung SGH-i620 Smartphone
  95. Samsung i600 Smartphone Dirty Cheap at eXpansys!
  96. DivX Mobile Player 0.90 Released for Windows Mobile
  97. Mid-September Launch for XPERIA X1 Revealed By...
  98. Launch of Official Windows Mobile Sales/Support Forum
  99. Pantech Duo 2 C820 in the Works for AT&T
  100. Sprint/Nextel Ready To Break Up? T-Mobile To Buy Sprint?
  101. Celio Plans Support for Windows Mobile 6.1 and 12 New Phones
  102. Slim and Compact Smartphone Samsung i200 Hits The Market
  103. Samsung Ace Set to be Released on Bell Canada
  104. MOTO Q 9c Available At Verizon Wireless
  105. Guardian Angel Monitors, Regulates and Advises User In Decision Making Process
  106. Elecont Pocket PC and Smartphone manager
  107. Apple's New Tablet PC
  108. HiPhone Fined by Iphone
  109. Mammoth Newman upto 250gb of storage
  110. Unlocked Pink HTC Qtek 8500 For Only $67.95!
  111. Microsoft Eyes 40% Share Of Mobile Device Market By 2012
  112. Fido Slashes Prices on Windows Mobile Smartphones
  113. Put Windows Live on Your Windows Mobile Phone
  114. 3 in 10 Get All or Most Calls on Cell Phones
  115. Samsung Plans to add 3M Mini-Projector to New Handsets
  116. Windows Mobile and Opera Mobile 9.5
  117. Rumor Watch - Motorola Q9h Getting Cheaper and Possibly Replaced?
  118. iPass Provides Wi-Fi Connectivity for Windows Mobile 6 Devices
  119. More Mobile Advertising Heading Your Way
  120. Spb Online Shell Showcased, Set to Appear in Australia Soon
  121. Mobile Ads Years Away From Breakthrough
  122. AT&T Ready to Finish Rollout of HSUPA Across 3G Network
  123. Benchmarked: HTC Touch Diamond vs. 50 Others
  124. Microsoft Crosses Fingers: Hopes for 50% Smartphone Growth by 2009
  125. PDAs And Smartphones Banned In UK Theme Park
  126. In The Future, What Will You Travel With?
  127. Qualcomm Spills the Beans on Windows Mobile 7
  128. Sumo Lounge Omni Chair - Surf in Comfort!
  129. Pocket Tunes 4.1 For Windows Mobile
  130. Sprint's Motorola Q 9c Upgraded to Windows Mobile 6.1
  131. Microsoft Launches Connected Services Accelerator Program
  132. Verizon Purchases Alltel and Becomes Largest US Wireless Provider
  133. Verizon Slides Show Samsung i770, Palm 800W, and Network Updates
  134. Tracy and Matt Review the Toshiba Portege G710
  135. Samsung SGH-i320 on Sale at eXpansys USA
  136. Windows Mobile 6.1 Update for Motorola Q9h on AT&T Coming Soon?
  137. Free Samsung Blackjack From AT&T Mobility
  138. YouMail: Visual Voicemail And Smartphone Friendly
  139. HTC Windows Mobile Device in Q1 2009
  140. TouchStone Fingerprint Sensor for Waterproof Phones
  141. Samsung Omnia Is DivX Certified
  142. Sprint's Motorola Q9c Discontinued?
  143. Samsung Omnia Round-Up
  144. HTC Touch Diamond on Telstra's 850MHz Next G Network
  145. HTC Contracted to Make T-Mobile Shadow II!
  146. State of Open Mobile OSes
  147. Orange SPV E650 ROM Update Now Available
  148. Microsoft to Acquire Mobile-Data Company
  149. Sprint Clears The Air - Motorola Q9c Alive and Kicking!
  150. Touch-Screen Lawsuit Hits Toshiba, Apple, HTC and Many Others
  151. Microsoft Releases Beta Windows Media Center SideShow Gadget
  152. Yet Another Motorola Q9h (YAQ9h) Coming to Verizon
  153. Mippin Refreshes User Interface... and Leaves Me Unimpressed.
  154. Samsung Gets Creative with New Blackjack II Colors
  155. Microsoft: Forget iPhone, We Are Still #2 In Business
  156. Live Mesh Available Via Your Mobile Web Browser
  157. Asus working on the O2 Xda Zest Windows Mobile Smartphone
  158. Mexican Carrier Telcel Releasing Pantech Duo Smartphone
  159. Has Your Cellular Provider Patched Their DNS Servers?
  160. ** Mobilityflow is going to release a new product called Touch Shell 3D **
  161. In-Flight Cell Ban Bill Making Its Way Through US Congress
  162. 18 Million Licenses Sold, 2 Million Short Of Goal
  163. HTC Touch Diamond Sales Nearing 1 Million
  164. HTC e-Club Undergoes Changes, ROM Updates Available to (Almost) Everyone
  165. Want to Waterproof Your Windows Mobile Device?
  166. T-Mobile USA To Copy Apple - Opening Own Application Store For Subscribers
  167. Official Windows Mobile 6.1 ROM Update for Motorola Q9h
  168. Smartphone & Pocket PC Magazine Hangs Up Its Boots
  169. MOTO Q Global with Windows Mobile 6.1 Now Available from AT&T
  170. New Mobile Portal in v2 Beta: KeyToss
  171. Skymarket - Microsofts Own Application Store For Windows Mobile
  172. Windows Mobile Development Webcast on September 3rd
  173. Blackjack II WM6.1 update is released
  174. AT&T Samsung Blackjack II Updated to Windows Mobile 6.1
  175. Motorola Q11 Info Spied in the Wild
  176. T-Mobile Shadow II Arriving Soonish
  177. Meet the i-mate Hummer: Windows Mobile on Steroids!
  178. He's Got Game. AT&T Announces Winner of Game Development Contest for Windows Mobile
  179. Expansys lowers price for Touch Pro...
  180. RIM Surpasses Windows Mobile Marketshare
  181. Hands on with the HTC S740
  182. Nokia Licenses ActiveSync Allowing Devices To Communicate With Exchange
  183. Mozilla's Firefox Mobile Expected in 2010
  184. Children 5 Times More Likely To Get Brain Cancer From Cell Phones
  185. Rumor: Windows Mobile 7 Delayed
  186. Photoshop.com Mobile Goes Live
  187. REDFLY Mobile Companion for $199
  188. Microsoft Confirms: No Plans To Build Handsets
  189. Deepfish Now Sleeping With The Fishes
  190. Microsoft To Continue Licensing Fees For Windows Mobile
  191. Motorola Q11 Shows up in Brazil's Regulatory Red Tape
  192. Pearl-like HP Silver smartphone
  193. HP Silver is not Vaporware After All!
  194. HTC S740 Gets FCC Approval and Lacks U.S. 3G
  195. HTC to USA: "No Touch HD for You"
  196. Canadian Samsung Jack Gets Windows Mobile 6.1 Upgrade
  197. AT&T Pantech Duo Gets Window Mobile 6.1 Makeover
  198. New images of the T-Mobile Shadow II Surface
  199. Motorola Q11 Released in Brazil
  200. Speereo Voice Organizer (Sapie) is the Best Software Awards Finalist!
  201. T-Mobile Pre-Sells 1.5 Million Android Handsets!
  202. Microsoft Exchange Chief to Take Over Windows Mobile Development
  203. Samsung Targeting Younger Audience with New Windows Mobile Phone
  204. Resco announces work on a brand new application - Resco Contact Manager
  205. Microsoft Ignores Looming iPhone and Android Threat
  206. Microsoft Thinks iPhone's Sales Figure are Cute
  207. Microsoft Bringing Office 14 to the Web!
  208. Can't Wait for Windows Mobile 7? Try Windows Mobile 6.5!
  209. Verizon Drops Pay-As-You-Go and Cheaper Data Plans - $29.99 Or Higher Required
  210. UK: Get Windows Mobile 7 Handset Free with Windows 7 Purchase!
  211. Ballmer: Red Alert! Reality Distortion Field to Maximum!
  212. Steve Ballmer Confirms Windows Mobile 6.5's Existence!
  213. Steve Ballmer Confirms Windows Mobile App-Store in the Works
  214. HTC 740 Now Shipping!
  215. Could This Be Windows Mobile 6.5?
  216. HP Voice Messenger Smartphone Coming to Vodafone
  217. Hands on with Colorware's Custom Blackjack II Process
  218. Internet Explorer 6 For Windows Mobile Devices - No Upgrades or Updates - New Devices Only
  219. Adobe Flash Coming to Windows Mobile
  220. "easter eggs" found in HTC Touch HD!
  221. T-Mobile Shadow II Release Delayed
  222. New Celio REDFLY's: C7 and C8N on the Way
  223. Alltel Adds the HTC Touch Pro to Available Phones
  224. eReader.com 45% Rebate Sale
  225. The Youtube App IS on the AT&T Fuze & it's easy to enable it!
  226. ASUSTeK Aims for 10 New Models In 2009
  227. Elecont Weather Updated and 30% Off!
  228. Motorola's Alexander and Attila Shipments Postponed
  229. HTC's Acquisition Expands Design Team
  230. AT&T To Move To A Single Mobile Platform?
  231. HTC’s Profits at $528 Million in Q3
  232. High-Speed Bluetooth 3.0 on the Way Next Summer
  233. Spb Software House Announces Survey Results
  234. Mobile Phone Market to Shrink in 2009
  235. Yet Another Rumored T-Mobile Shadow II Release Date
  236. Andy Sjostrom Wins IT Consultant Of The Year Award in Sweden
  237. Sony Ericsson Switching from HTC to Mobinnova?
  238. Google Android Cutting Into Windows Mobile Marketshare
  239. Rent Your Phone From Rentoble
  240. T-Mobile Shadow 2009
  241. US Markets Receives HTC S740 Variant!
  242. President Elect Appoints RIAA's Favorite Lawyer For Department Of Justice Position
  243. Elecont Quick Desktop released by Elecont Software
  244. Black T-Mobile Dash Now Available
  245. Microsoft Claims Less Windows Mobile Devices in the Future
  246. Motorola Prepares For Layoffs, Focuses on Google's Android
  247. 20 Million Windows Mobile Handsets Sold in 2008!
  248. HTC 2009 Devices? You Decide
  249. The Rise And Fall Of The Music Industry
  250. Motorola Not Ditching Windows Mobile After All?