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  1. Nicely Done Community!
  2. May I have your UPC for: Sandisk 1GB CompactFlash?
  3. A USB connection from a desktop computer to a Windows Mobile 5.0-based device may be intermittently lost
  4. Will a Pocket PC user be happy with a Windows Smartphone?
  5. Only already read mails are synchronized
  6. Annoying Today Screen Problem
  7. Syncing multiple task list?
  8. Activate Microsoft Voice Command Through Your Bluetooth Headset
  9. Google Mobilizer makes any web page mobile-friendly
  10. How to re-map camera button to launch other application on WM2k3?
  11. Command Center
  12. Can you help me choose a PDA please.
  13. Win 1 of 5 Copies of PPC Tablet 3.0 from Amorphous Media Design
  14. Well, it Finally Happened to Me...I Left My Pocket PC Behind
  15. k-jam resetting itself/poor signal strength
  16. Using 2125 to Pull E-mail from Netmail Account
  17. Activesync and "display as" e-mail addresses
  18. How to remove water under touchscreen?
  19. Using PPC as an Ethernet tester?
  20. Do You Use RSS On Your Mobile Device?
  21. Why the PPC needs a Scroll Wheel
  22. Do you use RSS feeds on your PC?
  23. Assigning a button to take you straight to the programs screen
  24. Want a Scrollwheel on Your Pocket PC?
  25. Sprint Releases Survey Results, 48% Want Ringtones
  26. how to secure your pda in case of getting stolen/lost...?
  27. Another "Help picking out a Pocket PC Thread"
  28. Beware of Hp's Warranty Dept., They're Thieves!!
  29. Newbie needin' advice
  30. Belkin Announces CableFree USB Hub - Use USB Devices Wirelessly
  31. Installing from Cab files-choice of location?
  32. AKU 2---Any insight into whether or not HTC will be releasing a rom update?
  33. Pda import from singapore -> uk .....Costs?
  34. No Matter How Much I Like Audible Content, They Just Keep Making It Easier To Hate Them!
  35. PDA rocks for British spies
  36. 2125 Pass-through via Bluetooth .. also .. JEYO software???
  37. Tons Of Uses For Google On Your Device
  38. Missing items on Today page
  39. problems copying to SD card
  40. Comparison: HTC Universal vs. Toshiba e800
  41. MTekk Reviews the O2 Xda Atom
  42. Treo Today Plug Ins for everyone!
  43. which one should I buy?
  44. Do u like WMP on ur pocket pc?
  46. I am New !!
  47. Russell Beattie's Thoughts on the New Cingular 2125
  48. International characters don't make it to the desktop...
  49. cheap imate/smartphone
  50. imate help
  51. Am i asking too much!
  52. Targus Stowaway Portable Keyboard
  53. Random PPC Tablet Contest Question
  54. Soccer Kid for PPC
  55. Verizon Wireless - We Never Stop Working For Us?
  56. Problems with Active Sync
  57. Multiple Questions - On IPAQ - 6515 New User ! Please help.
  58. Samsung m8000 Working in the USA?????
  59. Smart phone & car?
  60. Installed programs not appearing in Remove Programs
  61. Awesome Phone!!
  62. WiFi handheld Videocall/Skype - best solution?
  63. Turning Your Cellphone Into Your Home Phone
  64. removing entries from SIP list
  65. Outlook uses gobs of RAM with ActiveSync
  66. Flight mode? on and off?
  67. Seagate 8 GB Microdrive
  68. Might be heading to Smartphone - some questions.
  69. email trouble!!
  70. ActiveSync - How do I restore only a Task file from the backup stg file?
  71. Voice recognition dialing
  72. Travel Ultra light or just light? Canadian retail woes, too.
  73. Guys..how often do u reset ur ppc?
  74. PIM data backup...
  75. HELP: Strange ActiveSync issue...
  76. What programs do you have linked to Speed Dial?
  77. Calendar Sync Issues
  78. Windows Mobile 5.0 Messaging & Security pack?
  79. Still Having Alarm Problems with Windows Mobile 5?
  80. WM5 - PIE shortcut Buttons Really Gone?
  81. Your thoughts on comparison of HP iPAQ hx2795 to the iPAQ hx 4705?
  82. i-teq BOND Revealed
  83. album art question
  84. BlackBerrymageddon?
  85. Goodlink Help!
  86. Cingular 2125 bug. Deleting Mail Accounts...
  87. Controlling Pocket PC via ActiveSync...
  88. problem : ozvga and pocket breeze
  89. Word VS. Bluetooth DUN Telus UTS 6700
  90. Speed dial question for 2125
  91. "My Text" in email.
  92. Problem with Bluetooth - Help
  93. iPaq HX1950 replacement stylus
  94. XM in the car via cell phone and Ipaq
  95. Do you think PALM LIFE DRIVE2, will have window modile on it?
  96. Why use a handheld vs a smartphone?
  97. ActiveSync Problems?
  98. Redistribute EVDO from my phone via 802.11b?
  99. Looking to replace my iPAQ rx3115...
  100. Appointment Alarm
  101. Laptop Schedule to PDA
  102. Operating System language changes
  103. Help! SD Memory card files are now hidden...
  104. Which Pocket PC ?
  105. How Long have you been a member of PPC Thoughts?
  106. Purchasing a house soon! Any cool utilities for PPC?
  107. Need A Wallet Case - Highly Annoyed!
  108. Audio Book Rant
  109. Vaja Giveaway? - Ah! over at Digital Media Thoughts
  110. Dust Under The Screen? Say it Ain't So!
  111. WM 5.0 and ppc 6700
  112. WM 5.0 and phone
  113. Ayuda urgente
  114. 2125 and leather case
  115. Backing up PIM data manually?
  116. reasons for a slow START menu in a WM5- device?
  117. Where from I can buy a UTStarcom XV6700
  118. Acquiring DRM licence on POCKET PC
  119. exchange & push email
  120. Pocket PC Media Player to Bluetooth Headphones Help
  121. I dropped my UTStarcom 6700 while filming. Watch the video.
  122. Calligrapher 8.2..Is it compatiable with windows modile 5.0?
  123. knowledge on Pocket Pc 3
  124. Please explain: Overclock and why WIFI
  125. Chaning autocorrect settings?
  126. Internal SD to CF adaptor?
  127. Pocket PC database - need to compare alot of the features.
  128. ABI Research: 2006 is Looking Like "The Year of the 3G Phone"
  129. Deactivate security certificates
  130. Move notes to storage card?
  131. Whats everyone using?......Which PPC
  132. HP Gets Organised
  133. The iPAQ hw6900 Series: It's All Math, Really.
  134. ERROR delivering Licence on Pocket PC
  135. MTP Supported Pocket PC ?
  136. Bugs in new PIE plus !?
  137. 3GSM World Congress 2006: Steve Ballmer Keynote
  138. hx4705: do I need to reinstall the ROM update after a hard reset?
  139. Random Screen Alignment Chit-Chat
  140. Which PPC is best out of these?
  141. Engadget Mobile Launched, 30 Days of Cellphones
  142. Changing the Font Face in PocketIE
  143. Best accesories for Dell Axim X51v
  144. Multiple timezones on Home Screen?
  145. Help us to fix WM5!!!!!
  146. TUTORIAL: How do I modify the default scrolling behaviour of Web browsers in WM5?
  147. A few technical questions
  148. Excel Mobile Default Zoom Level
  149. Which PPC is better?
  150. any recommendations?
  151. Problems Accessing Thoughts Sites with Axim X51V
  152. Looking for Mini SD Slide-In Adapter
  153. If Our Devices Were Built-to-Order...
  154. Synchronizing Sent Items
  155. Can anyone help me!
  156. New Ultra Thin Qtek 8500 Clam-Shell Smartphone
  157. Custom Build Your Own Smartphone
  158. Problems browsing with Pocket IE
  159. Fundamental ActiveSync networking differences between WM5 and prev. WM versions
  160. HP Ipaq 69XX
  161. TIP: How can I entirely get rid of the auto-synchronization feature of Messaging?
  162. Need Help With Correct Folder Name
  163. i-mate PDA-N: Nice Device, Quirky GPS Support
  164. Anything like this for windows mobile 5?
  165. Help! It's frozen!
  166. Motorola No Longer has to be at Leading Edge, RAZR has Changed Everything
  168. Small PPC?
  169. Is it possibile to save pda data directly on sd card instead of internal RAM? Any pda?
  170. problem with my sms
  171. Problems with buttons on my Ipaq
  172. Doing Battle To Uninstall Or Upgrade On Windows Mobile 5
  173. Viewable Screen Area of the Pocket LOOX T810/T830
  174. SanDisk 2GB SD Card Warranty Replacement only took 5 months
  175. HP iPaq 2200
  176. Cheaper phone to use as modem - suggestions?
  177. Is MSFP available on any devices?
  178. Are hardware vendors abandoning PPC devices?
  179. Q: How do you make a 14 year old smile?
  180. Is GPS Navigation a Dangerous Distraction?
  181. T-Mobile SDA internet (GPRS) problems
  182. Can it be WM 2005 or is it my 1 Gig. SD card?
  183. asus a620 battery replacement
  184. Repair or buy new?
  185. Any more (orbs) out there?????
  186. Does WM2003 software work on a WM2005 device?
  187. WM5 WMP10 needs u-Law support BAD!
  188. T-Mobile SDA Time Change When Roaming
  189. Need buying advice! Which is a better all-around device - HP6515 or Cingular 8125?
  190. Tip: Clean up your Start Menu -> Programs window
  191. MSN Mobile File Transfer
  192. How do you transfer data from a SD card to anther sc card, w/o losing....
  193. Need buying advice! Which is a better all-around device - HP6515 or Cingular 8125?
  194. Will spb backup utility rival sprite backup?
  195. MSN Mail in Outlook
  196. Smallest WM5 PPC???
  197. cannot sync my ppc
  198. WebIS web site hacked
  199. Moving Reader from one PPC to another
  200. WMP10 SUCKS!!!!
  201. Converting a PDF file into an ebook file, is it possible?
  202. Sony Ericsson's Walkman Phone
  203. What Happened to MS Mobile Web Site?!?
  204. iMATE-KJAM & iMATE-JAMin
  205. The Carriers have Once Again Pulled Out Their Hatchets, the Victim This Time is Sling Media
  206. Vetran PPC user with basic Smartphone questions
  207. Uploading Address Book to Toyota Prius via Bluetooth
  208. Constant memlow warning on CIngular 2125...???
  209. Pocket Informant (current version), is it possible to have holidays appear on the callender?
  210. Calligerapher 8.2 is not compatible with windows mobile 2005. WHY?
  211. Calligraher 8.2 vs Transcriber 2?
  212. Verizon discounts on plans
  213. Having problems with PPC front page
  214. New T-Mobile SDA Owner!
  215. Uploading Address Book to Prius Via Bluetooth
  216. Problem with contacts and SMS
  217. PPC-PE and Smartphone
  218. Tomeraider STINKS
  219. TUTORIAL: Setting up and using Wi-Fi peer-to-peer connections between Pocket PC's
  220. Missing Parts and Bad Communication: The AKU 2 / A2DP Situation
  221. Pop Email Frustrations with T-Mobile SDA (but any Windows Mobile 5 owners might help)
  222. Hacking Security Policy
  223. RIM and NTP Settlement?
  224. Do you have an Asus MyPal A636?
  225. IMDB on Pocket PC
  226. New too Pocket PC's
  227. Recieving emails on a Pocket PC / Mac OSX Query ?
  228. mobile Web sites
  229. Connecting to the Internet using pass-through?
  230. Virus Protection / Defence
  231. I'm surprised no one picked up on this..
  232. Help needed!
  233. Lefties - how do you use your PPC?
  234. I am looking for my first pda
  235. Downloading software direct???
  236. good mobile sites for maps, directions, and weather?
  237. Interesting Retrospective
  238. Removing that annoying click every time a sound is played
  239. Disable the auto-connect feature of Pocket Internet Explorer!
  240. Branded vs Unlocked Phones
  241. PPC Thoughts doesn't seem as active as it used to be...
  242. SDA Low Free Memory
  243. What do you use your smartphone for ?
  244. Charge Dell Axim X51v in Sri Lanka
  245. Ever wanted to change your Messaging account names?
  246. How do you manage your audio and alarm notifications?
  247. Converged device dilema - help
  248. Broken Screen, have fun :(
  249. WM5 Date and time in the top bar issue
  250. ActiveSync Explore No Longer Works!