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  1. Digital Audio Watermarking for Fighting Piracy
  2. PocketMac iPod Edition Announced
  3. Old Slogan: Intel Inside. New Slogan: Intel EVERYWHERE!
  4. Microsoft coming to a DVD near you?
  5. Forbes: "iTunes vs. Napster"
  6. Sandisk: The Kodak of the Digital Age?
  7. Sonic MyDVD Wins "Product Of The Year" From Videomaker Magazine
  8. O'Reilly "Digital Photography Hacks"
  9. Best Buy Survey Shows Interesting Statistics
  10. Yahoo Adds Content Search
  11. $99 ZVUE Playback Hardware Will Support DivX
  12. Yahoo News: "PC Makers Try Again with TV Computers"
  13. HP Advances Digital Entertainment Solutions with Industry Leaders
  14. MP3 DRM To Be Shown at CeBit
  15. Napster Coming to Europe
  16. Universal Builds Massive Music Archive
  17. Microsoft Preps 'Symphony,' 'Slalom' Media Center Releases
  18. PC World: "Acer Offers Budget Mobile Workstation"
  19. Judge Rules Against Kazaa
  20. Microsoft Targets People Who Have Too Much Free Time
  21. Wired: "Cannibals Descend on MP3 Players"
  22. Macromedia Considers Porting Software To Linux
  23. Real's Reality
  24. eMediaLive: "The Super-Sized Flash Wars Rage On"
  25. PC World: "Pondering Digital Music's Future"
  26. World's Smallest MP3 Player From Samsung
  27. iPod Mini Sells Out
  28. New Bravo D2 DVD Player Supports Windows Media 9 High-Definition Playback
  29. Sears to Rid Shelves of PCs and Film Cameras
  30. Kodak Expands Digital Printing Operations
  31. Virgin Launching Online Music Store
  32. Convergence Hardware in Your Living Room?
  33. Making the DVD Player the Center of the Digital Media Household
  34. Digital Video Editing: "Fujitsu Intros 300 GB Drives"
  35. Apple Attacks Pocket PC iPod Software
  36. Kodak Starts to Buy Market Muscle in an Effort to Transform Itself
  37. Kodak Sues Sony Over Digital Imaging Patents
  38. Oops! There Go MyTunes
  39. Intel's On-Board WiFi: The Death of Wireless Gateway Hardware?
  40. iPod Creates Personal Space, Says Professor
  41. Video POP Makes Putting Video Online Cheaper and Easier
  42. C|NET: Hitachi To Unveil 400GB Drive
  43. Batteries Trounced By Miniature Fuel Cells?
  44. Pixar Switching To PowerMac G5 Workstations
  45. Microsoft, TWIi and Vidiator Team Up to Launch Mobile Video Solution
  46. APEX AD-8000N Connected DVD Player
  47. MobileSlash Reviews iPod Mini
  48. dpreview: "50 Million Digital Cameras Sold in 2003"
  49. Viewsonic Debuts HDTV Tuner
  50. Pentax Announces OptioS30
  51. ExtremeTech Compares Video Codecs
  52. More Than 50 Million Songs Downloaded from iTunes
  53. SimpleTech Announces Highest Capacity External Hard Drive; 400GB SimpleDrive High-Speed USB 2.0/FireWire Combo
  54. Jobs Says iTunes Will Miss 100 Million Target
  55. Shuttle Will Begin Selling Full-Featured PCs - Including Gaming and Media Centre Alternatives
  56. muvee's Automatic Video Production with New magicMoments Technology Lets You Highlight Must-Have Video Moments
  57. HP Will Bundle iTunes With New PCs
  58. Using a Mac as a DV Recorder
  59. A Clever Use of Digtal Photography: The Reconnaissance Round
  60. Kazaa Programmer Sues for $25 Million
  61. DotPhoto Offers New Print Sizes Based on Real Image Dimensions
  62. Sony Shows off Double Layer DVD Drives
  63. JVC's 16 Channel Digital Video Recorder
  64. 90GB Flash Memory Drive From M-Systems
  65. Sony Recovers and Offers Killer New Hardware Designs
  66. Microsoft Prepares to Launch Music Store
  67. EU Could Force Microsoft to Unbundle Windows Media Player
  68. PC Mag Reviews Escient FireBall DVDM-100
  69. Toshiba Announces Gigabeat G21 20GB MP3 Player
  70. Shuttle To Offer LCD Monitors
  71. Music Prices: How Low Can They Go?
  72. Panasonic Unveils New TVs, DVD Recorders and Cameras
  73. Toshiba DVD Burners Coming Soon for Desktops and Laptops
  74. VIA Readies DDR2 Chipset: More Speed and PCI Express Support
  75. Walmart Launches Music Store, 88 Cent Songs
  76. TiVo Prepares to Launch New Advertising Service
  77. Creo's Wireless 22MP Leaf Valeo 22Wi And 17MP Leaf Valeo 17Wi Camera Back
  78. Archos Announces The AV500 PVP
  79. C|NET: "New RIAA File-Swapping Suits Filed"
  80. Sanyo Announces 8MP Xacti VPC-J4 Camera (4MP CCD)
  81. Advanced Technology for DVD+R Double Layer Recording From Sonic
  82. 6-Megapixel Cameras
  83. Classic Films Re-Released by Internet Archive
  84. Adobe Drops FrameMaker for Mac
  85. Real CEO: "Open iPod to other Music Services"
  86. Comcast Acquiring TechTV
  87. Apple Preparing New Shake Release
  88. Sony Announces 50GB Blu-Ray Video Deck
  89. "Epiphan Systems and Nimble Microsystems Partner to Deliver Convenient, Cost-Effective Web Broadcast Solution"
  90. Gimp 2.0 Released
  91. Windows XP SP2 To Automatically Upgrade MCE 2002 To MCE 2004
  92. Macromedia To Launch "Flex"
  93. Pixar Announces RenderMan for Mac
  94. Apple Seeks Patent On iPod Interface
  95. Study Says Music Sharing Doesn't Kill CD Sales
  96. Virgin Offers iPods At Heathrow Airport
  97. Longhorn Release Date Slips to 2006?
  98. Seagate R&D Announces 50 Terabit Breakthrough
  99. Digital Video Recorder Use on the Rise in USA
  100. CNET: "Adobe, Apple Drifting Apart"
  101. Downloading and Sharing Music Not Illegal in Canada
  102. APRIL FOOLS: Bill Gates Admits Windows Is A Failure, OSX Is Superior
  103. APRIL FOOLS: Introducing The Digital Media Thoughts Staff!
  104. APRIL FOOLS: Apple's New 100GB Color iPod To Run .NET Compact Framework?
  105. APRIL FOOLS: Countries Starting With The Letter "I" Change To Ride iPod Popularity Wave
  106. Fight Against Illegal File Sharing Is Moving Overseas
  107. Sony Launches Counter Attack Against Kodak
  108. Gateway Closing Retail Stores
  109. Gimp 2.0 for OSX
  110. C|NET: "Micrsoft's iPod Killer?"
  111. INDYSTAR.com: "Congress Takes Aim at Digital Peepers"
  112. Study States Sony Is Top Of Digital Camera Market
  113. Set-top Boxes With Restricted DVD-burners
  114. New Optical Storage Format - FVD
  115. Sony To Stop Making Low-End Digital Cameras
  116. Dell Cuts Price of Music Player
  117. Biostar iDEQ 200N PC case
  118. OSX Trojan On The Loose
  119. Longer Battery Life for Laptops?
  120. Microsoft Cuts Back Longhorn Features - I Wonder What's Missing?
  121. C|NET: "Bright Picture for Digital TV Sales, Study Says"
  122. NewsGator for Media Center Edition Computers: RSS on the Big Screen
  123. Canon Gives LCD Market Another Go
  124. Microsoft Settles InterTrust Patent Conflict with $440 Million
  125. Sony's New DSC-T11
  126. Focus Enhancements CenterStage CS-HD Video Scaler
  127. PVP Goodness From iRiver
  128. Canopus Announces Imaginate 2.0
  129. Snap, Crackle, iPod Mini Problems
  130. Universal Hard Drive System
  131. High-Resolution Cellphone Screen
  132. Wearable Wristwatch TV
  133. iPod Sends Apple Revenues Soaring
  134. RealNetworks To Apple: "You Scratch Our Backs, We'll Scratch Yours"
  135. Mindblowing Graphics Coming Soon To A PC Near You
  136. Memory Prices Skyrocket - Ouch!
  137. 8GB CF II Card By Lexar
  138. Apple To RealNetworks: "Talk To The Hand"
  139. Sony Develops Paper Blu-ray Disc
  140. Sonoma Offers More Speed, Better Power Savings
  141. Apple Announces Wave of New Pro Products at NAB
  142. Apple Updates iBooks and PowerBooks
  143. iTunes Europe Rollout May Be Delayed
  144. Olympus Camedia AZ-1
  145. ABC News: "DVD War Looms As Advancements Draw Near"
  146. Carly Says "Go Digital or Go Home"
  147. Windows Media 9 Series Used by Akimbo for Video-On-Demand Services
  148. Adobe Announces New Video Apps at NAB
  149. MP3.com Music Archive Finds New Home on 'Net
  150. camcorderinfo.com: "Canon Announces 2.2 Megapixel Optura 30 and Optura 40, Fighting the Low Light Fight"
  151. Lots of Sonic News This Week...
  152. Apple Says No To Supporting Other Music Services
  153. PC World: "Intel Invests in the Digital Home"
  154. iPod Smart Car?
  155. Serial ATA-II Specifications Approved
  156. The Register: "Europe Demands Open-to-all DRM Tech"
  157. New Internet Speed Record
  158. 100 Year CD-R Myth?
  159. PCWorld: "Notebook Storage Hits 100GB"
  160. New DVD Copying Software Enters the Market
  161. ABC Exec Excited about Personal Media Players
  162. Apple Releases iTunes 4.5
  163. muvee Releases Classic Professional Styles Pack
  164. Apple Preparing to Unveil 4th Generation iPod?
  165. iTunes/Pepsi Free Music Giveaway a Flop?
  166. Microsoft Works To Improve Audio Quality On Digital Devices
  167. External HDD For Your PVR, Courtesy Maxtor
  168. Glitch Caused Corrupt Foo Fighter Tracks To Appear on iTunes
  169. PC World: "Microsoft's Copy Controls Go Mobile"
  170. Motorola Prepares Video Phone, But Will People Go For This?
  171. Reuters: "CNET Launches Digital Music Services Guide"
  172. Download the TV Shows You Missed
  173. New FireWire Technology To Be Demonstrated at WinHEC
  174. Microsoft and HP Unveil New PC Hardware Designs for WinHEC
  175. PC Mag: "MP3 Grows Up"
  176. MP3 Players Take On New Features
  177. Steve Jobs To Show Off Next OSX Tiger at WWDC
  178. Sony Launches Online Music Store
  179. Pretec Announces 12 GB CompactFlash Card
  180. Extreme Tech Previews the ATI Mobility Radeon 9700
  181. Beefy Computers Required for Longhorn?
  182. ExtremeTech: "TiVo Competitor Leapfrogs Competition"
  183. Microsoft Seeking Merger Between Flash and Hard Drive Storage
  184. CRN: "Microsoft, HP Unveil Windows Home Center Prototype For Connected House"
  185. Casio Develops Smallest Fuel Cell for Laptop PCs
  186. The Inquirer: "Cameraphones Will Overtake Digital Cameras By 2008"
  187. Microsoft Updates DVR and Unveils New PC Designs
  188. Speak To Your Set-Top Box
  189. Kodak Announces Three New Cameras
  190. Sony's Vaio Pocket Gunning for iPod Blood
  191. Hidden Wires: "AMD Athlon 64 Processor Powers Cinema-Quality Entertainment for the Living Room"
  192. iRiver America Introduces Sleek Flash-Memory Music Players
  193. BusinessWeek: "What Apple Stores Aren't Doing"
  194. ExtremeTech: "PCI Express Over Cable Opens Door For Modular PCs"
  195. OSX Emulation On A PC?
  196. Wireless FireWire On The Way
  197. Canon Quits Making Analog Camcorders - Is Anyone Surprised?
  198. Apple Receives iTunes Interface Patent
  199. Sigma Announces New Compact Zoom Lens
  200. Wal-Mart Offers Cheaper Music Downloads
  201. C|NET: "Digital Video Recorders on Fast-Forward Growth"
  202. Epson Stylus R800 Uses Eight Ink Cartridges
  203. Sony Announces High End Media Center PC
  204. Apex Announces Final Specs For ApeXtreme
  205. More Info On 4th Generation iPod
  206. Digital Camera Sales Continue to Climb
  207. Qualcomm's 6 Megapixel Camera Chips
  208. C|NET: "Hitachi to boost production of iPod disk drive"
  209. MacNN: "Apple files patent on translucent windows"
  210. Digital Photo Sharing Service Launching Today
  211. Eminem Sues Apple
  212. Apple Separates iPod And Mac Divisions
  213. Seagate Announces Major Revamp of Hard Drives
  214. Legal Music Downloads More Common in 2004
  215. Sony to offer Video Downloads later this year
  216. Napster Beats iTunes To Europe
  217. PC World - "Comcast Turns On Microsoft TV"
  218. SageTV 2.0 DVR
  219. Olympus Camera With Ferrari Touch
  220. Camera Phones Hit 3 Megapixels
  221. nVidia MXM Mobile Graphics Solution
  222. Red Eye Reduction in Hardware Coming Sooner Than Expected
  223. SMaL Camera Technologies Introduces Ultra-Pocket 5 RDK
  224. Memory Prices to Fall
  225. Sigma Announces 18-125mm DC Lens
  226. CeBIT 2004 Press Event News
  227. Reuters: "Seeking the Best Battery for Digital Music Players"
  228. Sony Announces 40GB Portable Photo Storage
  229. Roxio Launches Napster In Canada, eh?
  230. Pretec Announces 12GB CF Card
  231. Microsoft To Offer Low Priced iPod Killer?
  232. Macromedia Updates Flash Player For Linux
  233. Washington Post: "Shuttle XPC Packs a Lot Into a Small -- and Imperfect -- Package"
  234. CeBIT America 2004: Exploring The Show Floor
  235. Intel Launches New Generation of Mobile Pentium 4 CPUs
  236. Rogers Cable Releases High-Definition PVR for Canadians
  237. ADS Tech Announces Instant VideoDVX for Capturing, Creating and Direct Recording of MPEG-1, WM9 Video and DivX
  238. Windows Media Player 10 Beta Coming Today?
  239. Further Details on WMP 10 from Paul Thurrott
  240. Apple Signs Up For Toshiba's New 60GB Minidrive
  241. SketchBook Pro Released For OSX
  242. Disney Still Trying To Reach Deal With Pixar
  243. Record Labels Want to Stop Copies of Burns
  244. "Inventor" Of Walkman May Sue Apple
  245. Griffin Announces iTrip mini FM Transmitter For Apple iPod mini
  246. PVRBlog: "PVR Owners Watch More Commercials, Not Less"
  247. iRiver H300 With USB OTG
  248. Fermilab to Measure Dark Energy with 500MP Digital Camera
  249. Hack for Digital Rebel Involves One Byte of Code
  250. Apple Planning UK Launch of iTunes Next Week?