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  1. Universal Music Invests in Loud.com
  2. Consumers Dissatisfied with Video Downloading
  3. Dell Finally Ships CableCARD PCs
  4. Scientists Create Paper-Thin, Flexible, Biodegradable Battery
  5. HD "War" Not Even Close to Being Over: Paramount & DreamWorks Choose HD DVD
  6. Are Cable Companies Running Out of Bandwith?
  7. 25 Years With Our Beloved CD
  8. MTV Closing URGE, Merging with Rhapsody
  9. Nikon's Full-Frame Beast: The Nikon D3 DSLR
  10. Two New DSLRs from Canon: The 40D and the EOS-1Ds Mark III
  11. Memory Chip Prices to Skyrocket
  12. HD DVD: We're Not at War With Blu-ray
  13. New Focus on Sony T-Series Point-And-Shoot Cameras
  14. Home Server: Could The Partners Screw It Up?
  15. HD DVD and Blu-Ray Discs: Just $13.30 Each
  16. Russian Pirate Music Site to Re-Open
  17. Content Aware Image Re-Sizing
  18. Adobe: No DNG Turf War with JPEG XR
  19. Casio Brings World's Fastest 60fps, 6 MP Camera/Camcorder
  20. Does the 360 Need a Tutorial?
  21. China Comes Up With CH-DVD Optical Disc Format, World Yawns
  22. Toshiba's DTR Technology Hints at 240GB Drives
  23. FlickrSync - Synchronize Photos With Flickr
  24. Studios Losing Revenue In HDTV War
  25. Cable Subscribers Sue For 'A La Carte' TV Options
  26. Amazon MP3 Download Public Beta
  27. Vivendi Calls Apple iTunes Contract Terms "Indecent"
  28. More Woes for HD Discs: Newest Blu-Ray Discs Don't Work in Some Players
  29. Record Companies Win Music Sharing Trial
  30. iPod Nano Goes Up in Flames
  31. Microsoft and Toshiba Speed up HD DVD Adoption
  32. Fox Totally Misses the Point of Content Portability
  33. HD DVD Officially First to Break $200 Barrier
  34. Amazon MP3 Download Store Now Blocking Non-US Customers
  35. Creative MP3 Player Share Falls 24% Over Last Year
  36. Avoid Selling Your Personal Videos Along with Your Camcorder
  37. Breaking News: HD DVD First to Break $100 Barrier!
  38. HD Photo to become JPEG XR
  39. Toshiba HD-A3 1080p HD DVD Player $199 at Best Buy
  40. Retail Prices for AMD Phenom X4 Revealed
  41. Bye Bye Blockbuster?
  42. Format War Gets Ugly, AVS Forum Get Out The Banhammer
  43. Slacker Portable: Better Late Than Never?
  44. Black Friday Deal Round-up
  45. G-Force for TV
  46. Slysoft Switching to Euro Pricing
  47. December 11th is Xbox Marketplace Video Launch in Canada and Europe
  48. BBC Publishes Attack on DRM
  49. PlaysForSure: Now Called "Certified for Windows Vista"
  50. Creative Prepping 32 GB Zen Vision
  51. Microsoft Does Something About Sketchy Xbox 360 HD DVD Playback
  52. Toshiba SCiB Batteries - 5min Charge, 10year Lifespan
  53. CD Ripping is "Unauthorized Use" Says RIAA
  54. Toshiba Now Shipping Laptops with HD-DVD Burning Drives
  55. Samsung Releases 8 Digital Photo Frame SPF-83V
  56. HP Sued Over Ink Selling Practices
  57. New Canon Rumours
  58. Canon EOS 7D Imminent?
  59. Creative's InPerson WiFi Video Phone Outed by FCC
  60. Intel Introduces Tiny Flash Drive for Mobile Devices
  61. Sony Updates PSP and PS3 Firmware
  62. Napkin PCs
  63. Seagate Bring the Goods for CES
  64. WIRED: Netflix Expands Internet Viewing Option
  65. DRM is Dead, Watermarking to Replace It?
  66. 25% Off Any Order of $50 or More at SkoobaDesign.com
  67. "Mac Mindset" Quantified?
  68. Silicon Nanowires Could Extend Battery Life
  69. Time Warner to Test Usage-Based Internet Billing
  70. Gorgeous Dell Crystal Display
  71. Library of Congress Starts Using Flickr
  72. Microsoft and Dell Team Up With PRODUCT (RED) Hardware & Software
  73. Last.fm's Free, On-Demand Music Could Reshape Radio
  74. Canon PowerShot SD1100 IS
  75. Major Labels All On Board for Last.fm
  76. Canon EOS Rebel XSi Digital SLR
  77. Microsoft Proposes Acquisition of Yahoo!
  78. Changes to Yahoo's Music Service
  79. Sony DSLR-A300 Officially Announced
  80. Sony DSLR-A350 Specs
  81. Sony's 24MP Full-Frame 35mm Sensor
  82. Microsoft to Yahoo!: We're Not Giving Up!
  83. Netflix Chooses Blu-Ray Over HD DVD
  84. HD-DVD May Be Dropped by Toshiba
  85. Toshiba Halts HD DVD Player Production
  86. Gates Says Yahoo! Bid Won't Change; Proxy Fight In the Works?
  87. MetaRAM Claims Bump in RAM Capacity by 4x
  88. DivX's Stage 6 Shutting Down
  89. Sony's New Cyber-Shot DSC-H50 "Super Zoom" Camera
  90. Microsoft Lowers Price of Vista at Retail
  91. Windows Home Server Data Corruption Bug
  92. Is Intel Responsible for Suck-Tastic Hardware Running Vista?
  93. All Discovery HD DVDs on Sale
  94. Hulu.com Opens to Public, Offers Free Streams of Hit TV Shows, Movies and Clips
  95. Intel Quad-Core CPUs Coming to a Laptop Near You
  96. Windows Vista SP1 Hits Windows Update Today
  97. Smugmug Offers Square Thumbnails In Galleries
  98. No Xbox Blu-ray Drive Any Time Soon
  99. Apple pushing Safari on Windows Users
  100. Canon PowerShot SD890 IS
  101. Sony Charges $50 To Remove Crapware: Users Revolt, Sony Relents
  102. Stanford Researchers Develop 3D Camera With 12616 Lenses
  103. Canon EOS 450D/Rebel XSi Samples
  104. Is Windows Home Server Doomed?
  105. Best Buy Clearing Out HD-DVD Inventory
  106. Photoshop Express: Runs In Your Browser
  107. Dell Offers Sub-$1K Blu-ray Laptop
  108. Panasonic's Latest Point-And-Shoot Camera - Now With 100% More Touchscreen!
  109. Microsoft to Yahoo!: You Have Three Weeks... or Else
  110. Microsoft Retails Stores on the Horizon?
  111. Blockbuster Prepping Set-Top Movie Player
  112. Future Shop Closing Online Photo Service, Shifting Customers to Kodak Gallery
  113. Nikon D3 Firmware Update Reveals 24-Megapixel D3x
  114. Seagate: One Billion Served
  115. Announcing Dell's Cutting-Edge PC Design: Built From Bamboo and Milk Jugs??!
  116. Online Music Services On the Hook for $100 Million in Royalties?
  117. Adobe Announces the Open Screen Project
  118. Microsoft Increases Offer By Several Dollars, Yahoo! Happy?
  119. Microsoft Walks Away From Yahoo!
  120. The Day The MSN Music Died
  121. Google introduces Friend Connect
  122. Sumitomo to Launch 40" OLED TV
  123. Muxtape: The Modern Mixtape
  124. One of the Greatest Hard Drive Recovery - Columbia Shuttle Tragedy
  125. Creative's new 4GB mp3 player
  126. Kingston Releases its Hyper-X FB-DImms
  127. Extreme Condition Tablet Pc
  128. World's Smallest Camcoder
  129. Free Music Friday: NIN - "The Slip"
  130. Bumpy Start for Napster MP3 Store
  131. Canon's Instant Rebates on DSLRs & Lenses
  132. Valence Technology Exits Mobile Battery Power Market
  133. Purchase Microsoft Points With Your Phone... In Japan
  134. Copyright Police May Seize Laptops, MP3 Players
  135. Microsoft's Steven Sinofsky Talks About Windows 7...Sort Of
  136. AMD Unveils Turion X2 Ultra and AMD Turion X2 Mobile Processor Platform
  137. Apple Premieres Movies on the iTunes Store in Canada and UK
  138. Major US ISP's To "Block" Usenet
  139. GeForce GTX 280 Brings High Performance Computing
  140. Microsoft Relents on Killing MSN Music DRM Authenticaton...For a Few Years
  141. Rhapsody Joins the No DRM Bandwagon
  142. Pew Pew Pew! Here Come The Laser-Based TV's!
  143. Kodak Bringing Media Hub To Your Living Room
  144. Netflix and Microsoft, Sitting in a Tree...
  145. Warner To Lower Blu-ray DVD Prices for the Holidays
  146. Is it Lights Out for Blockbuster?
  147. Kodak's EasyShare Z1015 IS is Fast with 15x zoom & 10MP
  148. AMD's Socket G34 CPUs Will Rock 12 Cores
  149. Amazon.com Launching Online TV and Movie Streaming Service
  150. PS3 Gets Video Store and Rentals
  151. Toshiba Gearing Up for Mass Production of 2.5" OLED Screens...a Year and a Half from Now
  152. SanDisk Blames Windows Vista for SSD Performance Woes
  153. Panasonic Annouces Four New Cameras
  154. Intel's 'Larrabee' Graphics Chip is Really a Bunch of CPUs?
  155. Dell Brings Zing to the Music Player Market
  156. Tamron Announces 15x Zoom Lens
  157. Olympus & Panasonic Announce Micro Four Thirds System
  158. New Cameras from Nikon with Intersting Features
  159. Top Notch Customer Service At NetFlix
  160. iTunes Movie Store Now Available Down Under
  161. Another DRM Death - What are the Customers' Rights?
  162. Hulu, Hot or Not?
  163. Could Pandora be Close to Pulling the Plug?
  164. Intel Raises our Hopes with Wireless Power Prototype
  165. Napster to be Part of Best Buy Family
  166. Music Publishers Preparing to Launch New Physical Music Format: slotMusic
  167. Windows 7 Will Drop Email, Photo, and Video Programs
  168. Casio Develops Small Ultra-High Resolution Screen
  169. Movie Studios Sue RealNetworks for Releasing RealDVD
  170. Apple Threatens iTunes Shutdown if Royalty Increase is Pushed Through
  171. Real Networks Stop Selling RealDVD For Now
  172. 600 mbps Promised by 802.11n Chipset Maker
  173. EU: iPod Users May Be Killing Their Hearing
  174. Apple Snubs Blu-Ray...Again
  175. MSI Wind BIOS Update Provides CPU Overclocking
  176. Wal-Mart Re-Launches Music Store with 3 Million DRM-Free MP3s
  177. Dell Puts Music Player Plans on Hold
  178. Comcast Boosts Bandwidth in a Big Way
  179. The Official Word on FolderShare Becoming Windows Live Sync
  180. Apple May Expand DRM-free Offeings
  181. VCR 2 PC Preserves Your Memories
  182. Huddle Up in 3D!
  183. VUDU Does That HD "Voodoo"
  184. Wal-mart Offering Low-End Magnavox Blu-ray Player for $128
  185. Times: Is the YoYotech Fi7epower the World's Fastest PC?
  186. VuNow PoD From Verismo Coming December 15
  187. Laptop Magazine Reviews Samsung R610
  188. HP mini-Q Coming Soon
  189. Microsoft Pays You to Shop at Ebay
  190. Blockbuster Announces Mobile Services with Microsoft
  191. Netbooks Disappoint Michael Arrington
  192. Internet in Canada a Wasteland
  193. Nokia Offers Z-Wave Connectivity
  194. Sanyo Releases Internet Radio
  195. Netflix Launches Streaming to TiVo
  196. Amazon Offers 25 Days of Free Christmas Music
  197. Creative Vado Now Available In HD
  198. Dell Joins Nettop Craze
  199. Addonics Launches Tiny USB NAS Adapter
  200. NVIDIA Launches ION Graphics
  201. HP Mini 1000 Impresses Notebooks.com
  202. Why Netflix is Beating Blockbuster
  203. Lenovo Showscases Dual Screen Laptop
  204. The Zune Store
  205. VuNow PoD Finally Available
  206. Text Messaging Price Hikes All About Profit
  207. Sharp Announces All-in-One Blu-ray TVs
  208. Windows Media Player 12 Beta Maiming MP3 Files
  209. No More DRM for Apple
  210. Cringely Looking For Wireless Audio Standard
  211. ARM Poised To Join Netbook Craze
  212. HP Firebird Takes Flight
  213. AMD's New Phenom II: Does It Measure Up?
  214. Regrets on the Life of Zune
  215. What Windows 7 and its Beta is All About
  216. Toshiba Offers Four Times The HDTV
  217. iTable To Compete With Microsoft Surface
  218. Sony Touch Walkman Materializes
  219. Engadget Shows Off The Embarassing Side of CES
  220. Phenom II's Overclocking Value
  221. Lifehacker Picks The Best DVR Software
  222. YouTube Gets Optimized for PS3 and Wii
  223. TechCrunch Updates Its Tablet Project
  224. More CPU Cores Not Always Better Says Sandia
  225. AMD To Launch Dual-Core Neo CPU in 2009
  226. Windows 7 Is All About Usability
  227. Take Your Programs And Data With You
  228. Engadget Thoroughly Reviews Windows 7 Beta
  229. Sharpcast Launches SugarSync 1.5, Shared Folders Added
  230. Windows 7 Play To Showcased
  231. MSI Offers LCD Mountable WindBOX
  232. Netflix Profits Up Big
  233. Anandtech Previews The Nvidia ION
  234. Windows 7 SKUs Announced: Yeah, There's Six Of Them
  235. SSD Wars: Intel Cuts Prices
  236. Sonos' Newest Bundle Reviewed
  237. Stardock Lets You Fence In Your Icons
  238. Record All Your TV With the Hauppauge HD-PVR
  239. Cable TV's Value Challenged
  240. Dell Exchange: Recycle Your Old Technology
  241. Linksys Wants You to Love The Media Hub
  242. The Day Total Music Died
  243. Core i7 Overclocking Examined
  244. Panasonic Boosting Sales By "Encouraging" Employees To Buy Their Products
  245. Wii-Style TV Remotes My Be Coming Soon
  246. Marking the Death of Plasma TVs
  247. Windows 7 Mobile Broadband Receives Big Industry Support
  248. Why Are Blu-ray Sales Suffering?
  249. LCDs Becoming Gargantuan In Size
  250. Dell Tempts with the XPS 435