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Default Lenovo ThinkPad T420s Review: Lightweight and Powerful

Lenovo's ThinkPad T420s is the business user's ultimate Goldilocks notebook. At 14.1-inches and 4 pounds, the laptop is extremely light and portable, but large enough to provide a generous high-res screen, a powerful processor, and full-sized keyboard and touchpad. However, with a price of $1,349 (as configured), the ThinkPad T420s costs more than heavier 14-inch systems such as the ThinkPad T420 or the HP EliteBook 8460p. Spoiler alert: this lightweight notebook is worth the investment.

I have not used a ThinkPad since around Y2K. At that time I swore that I would never buy one.  Of course work bought them and even today the ThinkPad is still a business worrier’s tool. Boy has time change my thoughts.  First, it weights a mere 4lbs and less than a 1 inch thick. The build quality is excellent with the use of carbon fiber and plastics for durability, in case of a fall.  Even the screen is excellent for watching HD movies. The keyboard was even mentioned as having the ability to channel a spill (coffee or your favorite beverage) away from the computer.  Of course the downside is the cost. Time has changed the ThinkPad and is looking like a contender.  For you ThinkPad fans does this fit the bill?

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