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Default Freemake Video Converter

"With all [the] video converting apps out there, it can get a bit overwhelming. Freemake combines almost everything you need into a clean, simple, one-stop-shop for all your video converting, editing, and burning needs . . . if you don't need a ton of control." reports that Freemake Video Converter (Windows only) provides fewer options than Handbrake, but is easier to use, with a simple drag and drop interface. The "easier to use" part might be enough in itself to qualify Freemake as an attractive download, but it also has a companion application, Freemake Video Downloader, which is designed to help you obtain videos you might later wish to convert - and both products appear to be under active development, with multiple recent updates that add features and / or implement bug fixes.  (Note: While working on this post, I found that the Handbrake site was not available one evening. That proved temporary, but it might make Freemake an attractive download as a backup - while at the same time pointing out one of the dangers of relying upon freeware for anything beyond personal use.)

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