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Default T-Mo to Engadget: Stop Using Our Color!!!

"So last week Deutsche Telekom, owners of the global T-Mobile brand, sent Engadget a late birthday present: a hand-delivered letter direct from their German legal department requesting the prompt discontinuation of the use of the color magenta on Engadget Mobile. Yep, seriously. Granted, we get nastygrams from angry tech companies practically every day, but rarely regarding anything that's not some piece of news we published that they're livid about having out in the open. And irony of ironies, this whole use-of-magenta thing is precisely the topic we took up last year on behalf of DT."

It is Friday here at Pocket PC Thoughts, and today I'm thinking about how best to get myself confused with a major company to try to get my exposure up. Apparently T-Mobile may be thinking that Engadget Mobile had similar thoughts and as thus sent out a rather interesting letter to them. The scary part? I can almost see T-Mobile's point because Yes, Engadget Mobile does use the word "Mobile" and yes, they do use a color very similar to T-Mo's magenta (to color the word Mobile, nonetheless). While I don't think anyone is confused by the difference, I can kinda see T-Mobile's point, in a weird convoluted way. So am I weird? Is this completely frivilous or is there something to see here?

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